7 Natural Ingredients for healthy breasts

7 Natural Ingredients for healthy breasts

Do you want to naturally increase your breast size without the harmful and invasive nature of surgeries or medication? You’ve come to the right place! It is definitely possible to go up a few sizes in your bust with the combination of the right diet and lifestyle habits. We have researched and gathered 7 natural ingredients for healthy breasts in this blog post to help you achieve a naturally voluptuous and healthy bosom. Of course, following a natural and nutrient-rich diet can help with developing your breast size, but for the best results, it is important to combine your diet with certain exercises and special breast creams for breast enlargement as well. That being said, do read on to find out the benefits of each ingredient and ways to use them to achieve your dream of naturally healthy breasts!

Dairy products

Cow’s milk and other dairy products such as pure ghee, cheese and cream are rich in healthy fats and beneficial hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, which all encourage lactation in pregnant women. These hormones are also helpful for women who simply want to develop their breasts further, as it aids in natural breast enlargement. Consume more dairy as part of your daily food intake to see results soon!

Flax Seeds

Flaxseed is full of healthy polyunsaturated fats and rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help in the development of fatty tissues. Since our breast tissues majorly consist of fatty tissues, flax seeds are a great ingredient for those who are looking for side-effect free ways to increase their breast size. Flax seeds can be consumed in many ways: Use it as a substitute for eggs in baked goods, toast them and add it to smoothies, oatmeal and juices. Roasted and powdered flax seeds can be added to any dish, such as roti flour or dosa batter and consumed. 


Fenugreek seeds or Methi are a great source of estrogen and are normally used by new mothers in India to boost milk production. This also helps non-lactating women to grow their breasts naturally due to how it stimulates the production of prolactin in the body. Try including more methi in your regular diet with dishes such as fenugreek tea, methi muthia, and Methi laddoo (for those with a sweet tooth!). Fenugreek can also be soaked overnight and ground into a paste, and can be mixed with olive oil and used as a breast massage cream for growth!


A handful of nuts every day are a yummy and healthy snack, but they are also the best ingredients for naturally healthy breasts! Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios and cashews are a great source of monounsaturated fats which are essential for building fatty tissue in the body. Nuts are also a great vegetarian source of protein and collagen which helps to develop, firm up and tighten your breasts. If you’re not a fan of eating plain nuts, try to incorporate natural nut butters, such as peanut butter, cashew butter and almond butter into your diet!

Imbue Breast Massage Cream

Imbue Breast massage cream is a 100% vegan breast massage cream that is chemical and preservative-free! It contains the goodness of Hemp Seed Oil, which has moisturizing and anti-ageing effects, poppy seed oil for improving collagen production in the skin, and fenugreek or methi oil which helps in regaining breast tissue mass as well as reducing any pigmentation. It is also completely safe to ingest and has a mild vanilla flavour that is perfect to be used during foreplay. For firm and healthy breasts, use the cream in your post-shower routine every day to see results. 


Soya or Soybean is a food that is naturally high in dietary estrogen and phytoestrogens. These are the hormones that are responsible for and aid in getting big and healthy breasts. Simply add in more soy-based products into your diet, such as soymilk, soya chunks or even the tender and fresh green edamame beans, which are nothing but unripe soya beans. Soya is also high in protein and healthy fats, which helps build breast tissue and muscle when eaten in combination with the right exercises. Do look out for natural breast enlargement creams that use soy-based or other natural ingredients as one of their main ingredients!

Olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy fat that is renowned for its health benefits. It is a great ingredient for anyone who wishes to naturally increase their breast size, as it can be added to your diet as well as used topically to enrich the skin with its benefits. Did you know, new mothers in Italy regularly massage their breasts with olive oil to help with sagging or drooping breasts? You too can use Olive oil to firm up and tone your breasts by simply using a small amount of the oil to massage your breasts in an upward and circular motion. Repeat this massage every day to see the best results! 

These are some readily available ingredients that are a great addition to your diet and lifestyle if you’re looking for natural breast enlargement remedies. Imbue Natural has a great range of chemical-free, natural products such as the Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash, Imbue Niraama Body oil and Imbue All Natural Firefly Stimulant for Women to cater to all of your intimate and general wellness needs! 


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