How To Stay Fresh And Clean All Aay

How To Stay Fresh And Clean All Aay

It’s the 21st century and women can now handle the responsibilities outside the house with as much finesse as they do their household duties. They might be hustling in the fish market before taking their kids to school, or helping out at the local NGO, or spending the entire day meeting clients at work. It’s all pride and satisfaction for the woman until she starts to feel like she needs a bath to freshen up. But, instead of waiting till the end of the day to get home and feel rejuvenated again, you can carry a couple of personal hygiene products in your bag to stay fresh and clean all day!

How to stay fresh and clean all day: Personal hygiene products to keep in your bag?

Personal hygiene can set your mood and make your day. So, here’s a list of products every woman needs to carry in her bag to ensure that she feels clean and fresh all the time.

1. Toilet seat disinfectant

One of the best ways to avoid feeling icky about using public toilets is to spray some toilet seat disinfectant before sitting on one. It ensures that you don’t catch any possible bacteria left behind by the previous user!

2. Intimate hygiene cleaner

Keep a small bottle of a vaginal cleanser in your bag and use it whenever you get the chance. There are many brands offering this product; you may try out the Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam, a foam-based cleanser that you can just dab on a tissue and wipe yourself!

3. Wet wipes

Wet wipes come in handy all the time - to wipe your face after eating, to wipe off the dirt from your hands when there's no water around, to dab some intimate cleanser on it, or to touch the very questionable tap at a public toilet. You can even use them when there’s no toilet paper available, or to wrap a used tampon/pad before throwing it away!

4. Tampons/pads

Let’s face it - even with all the pills to regulate our periods, we never really know exactly when Aunt Flo will visit. Carry an extra tampon/pad, especially if you have Endometriosis, with spotting throughout the month. Of course, usage of menstrual cups takes care of this problem for long hours.

5. An extra pair of panties (in a plastic/paper bag)

This might seem like a bit of a stretch, but It takes about as much space as a handkerchief, and you won’t need to stay in soiled underwear in case your periods begin without a warning! Just change into the dry one, and keep the used one in your bag, wrapped in a plastic/paper bag!

6. Facewash

A small tube of facewash can go a long way in keeping you feeling clean and fresh. It can take away the sweat and grime off your face, and can even act as a hand wash when you need one! Now, isn’t that handy?

7. Mouthwash

While a lot of people prefer to chew mint gums to keep bad breath away, the sugar in gums is silently harming their teeth. Keep a small bottle of mouthwash in your bag instead, and use it every now and then, not only to feel fresh but also to maintain oral hygiene!

8. Deo

This might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget to carry your bottle of deodorant. Spritz it on your clothes, and in the parts of the body that fold and sweat the most. It can instantly lift your mood and make you feel like you just started your day!

9. Comb

nother item that doesn’t need to be specifically listed, but often goes ignored is the comb. More important than any makeup item is this nondescript friend that, in an instant, transforms your disheveled look into a clean one.

10. Dry shampoo

The scalp starts to sweat, especially in the summer. Dry shampoo can fix your hair and prevent it from looking limp. Just spray it at the roots of the hair, and it will give you a clean feeling. This works for upto two days after your hair wash, after which, the hair is bound to look sweaty.

So, now you know how to maintain a busy active life, without giving up on hygiene and cleanliness and feeling fresh all day long . Don’t let these items just lie around in your vanity bag - use them; and buy only the smallest versions of each product, as available, and keep them in a small pouch that you can put into any bag you carry!

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