How To Teach Your Son About Women’s Body How To Teach Your Son About Women’s Body

How To Teach Your Son About Women’s Body How To Teach Your Son About Women’s Body

It’s 2019, and women’s body is no longer a dirty secret. Women have finally found the courage to talk freely about the female body and its complex beauty, and its likes and dislikes. Sadly, not many men are ready to become a part of such conversations. They are either uninterested or embarrassed.

That’s why it is essential to get the conversation started. After all, every young man is close to many women in his life – mother, sister, friends, colleagues, partners, and more. Teaching boys about the female body might seem like an intimidating proposition. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s how to teach your son about women’s health!

1. Starting Young

Young minds are uncomplicated. They are still untouched by inhibitions or misogyny. They are much more accepting of new concepts. So, starting early can be a clear advantage, as a young boy is much more open-minded.

2. Mechanical Discussion

Remember the teachers and sex educators in school who managed to teach the chapters on reproduction clinically, with nothing scintillating about them? You need to become that teacher and teach female physiology as a science.

3. Educational Videos

The internet definitely makes learning and teaching really easy. And, you can find plenty of videos to help you teach your kids about women’s health. Don’t forget to take the help of these videos for an interaction session.

4. Menstruation

Teach them that menstruation is natural and that it’s not an illness or a problem. It is Mother Nature’s way of preparing a woman for motherhood. And, most importantly, remind them that it doesn’t make a woman impure or dirty.

5. Menstrual Pain

While menstruation is the sign of a healthy body, men need to know that the process can be painful. It brings headaches, depression, hormonal imbalance, etc., and none of it is imagined. Cramps can even be as painful as heart attacks!

6. Basic Anatomy Lesson

A part of talking about women’s health is to teach them the basics of physiology. Concentrate on things like the difference between vagina and urethra, and their functions, that the purpose of breasts is to feed the offsprings, etc.

7. Strength of a Female body

Bleeding, cramps as painful as cardiac arrest, mood swings – a woman’s life goes on through all this, every month. It’s proof of the strength of a female body, even if she doesn’t choose to go through the permanent physical changes during pregnancy and childbirth.

8. Consent, kindness, and respect

Every young man must learn that every type of body deserves respect, not shame. It is important to show kindness when her bodily functions affect her mind and body. And most importantly, every act of intimacy must come only after clear consent from the woman.

9. The Lie called Porn

If your young man is inching into teenage, he must be reminded that adult films are not to be believed as they are nothing but a visualization of fantasies, that very often are untrue in real life. So, they should avoid such films at a young age, to prevent developing myths about the female body.

10. Being Truthful and Patient

Encourage your young man to ask questions. This is a complicated subject to deal with, and it is only through questioning that a young man might learn. So, you must remember to be kind during the teaching process. Also, you need to be patient.

The truth is, there will always be external influences in this vastly patriarchal world to teach a young man to despise and judge a female body. Equip your son to tell right from wrong, to stand up against misogyny, and encourage other men to eliminate the toxicity towards women.

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