Intimate Hygiene Hacks While Travelling

Intimate Hygiene Hacks While Travelling

Travelling is not always easy. Women who actually travel, especially to remote and virgin lands, are wise in the knowledge that travel is much more than just posting about luxury resorts or clicking that amazing selfie on Instagram. One of the major problems is the maintenance of health and hygiene. So here are some simple intimate hygiene hacks while travelling to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Intimate Hygiene Hacks While Travelling

While travelling, intimate hygiene often becomes a challenge for women. You probably already know this if you are a regular traveller. If you are not, and you’re just planning to go for a remote location, then it’s time to get prepared. Here’s how:

1. Stock Your Underwear

Whether you’re in a hot and humid beach destination or have gone trekking, one of the major steps in daily hygiene is to regularly change your underwear. Every time you change into a new pair, it can do wonders to your mood, as you feel all fresh and dry. There’s no smell or dampness of bodily discharges. It’s almost like you’ve just cleaned up and slipped into new clothes! This is one of the basic things you can do during trips for your intimate hygiene. More so for destinations where water isn’t always at hand, like on a trekking trip or a getaway to a remote virgin land.

2. Use Hot Water for Cleansing

It’s a good idea to carry hot water in a flask, as hot water is excellent for killing pathogens. Very often during your trip, you may find it difficult to come across any water, at all. So, carrying some with you in a flask could be a big help. It is a good idea to carry small, battery-operated immersion heating rods to heat up the water and use it for cleaning your intimate areas. Besides killing off germs, hot water can soothe you and make you feel fresh, especially if you’re menstruating during travel.

3. Use Waterless Intimate Cleansers and Hand Sanitizers

You cannot ignore hygiene while travelling – especially intimate hygiene and the cleanliness of your hands. Pick products that don’t need water. Thankfully, there’s hardly any hand sanitiser that needs water. You can also find foam-based intimate cleansers, like the Imbue intimate hygiene foam, which does not need water, i.e. you do not need to wash the cleanser off using water. So, in harsh weather conditions or in case of questionable water in your area, such sanitizers and cleansers are a life-saver. All you have to do is wipe it off, and you’ll remain infection-free all through your trip!

4. Water Disinfectant Drops or Capsules

Clean water is often difficult to come across when you’re travelling. This could be because of long road journeys with public toilets, or trips to remote, virgin locations without proper sanitation. So, to make sure that the water you are using is germ-free, carry water disinfectant drops or capsules with you. All you have to do is put a few drops or capsules of your water purifier. These are easily available at drug stores. This will make sure that there is no room for germs, nor any nasty infection during your travel.

5. Don’t Share Your Towel

Very often while travelling, especially in a group, we end up using others’ towels or lending them ours. Though this seems like a friendly gesture, this is undoubtedly an unhygienic practice (and that’s not just true while travelling.) The towel carries others’ germs and diseases. And when you use that, you get automatically exposed to such germs and ailments. So, carry your own towel all the time. If necessary, carry more than one. In fact, you should also carry your own paper towels and organic wipes. You might as well follow this tip at all times, and not just while travelling.

6. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water can prevent Urinary Tract infections. So, don’t shy away from it. Worried about having to run to the toilet frequently? It’s not a bad thing, actually. Yes, drinking lots of water will force you to urinate often, but it also means that the urine will flush out all the bacteria which could otherwise cause infection. You can also try drinking cranberry juice. It may be a home remedy for a healthy urinary tract…though there is no conclusive scientific proof, it is definitely not harmful and can be a substitute for your bland and boring water.

These are some basic steps to follow during your trips to ensure that your intimate hygiene is not compromised. In addition, if you can maintain overall cleanliness during your trips, then it will add to your general hygiene and well-being. It is true that while health thoughts certainly don’t top the list during travel, the slightest infection can mar all that fun we aimed for.

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