Queefing – What is it and why shouldn’t you be embarrassed?

Queefing – What is it and why shouldn’t you be embarrassed?

Our body is a mysterious creation. It works in the strangest ways, and does the most awe-aspiring things. It can also be messy and weird, especially for women. One of the weirdest things that a woman’s body can do is to queef.

Now, what’s queefing? Well, it’s the sound that your vagina makes sometimes, that sounds a little like flatulence and makes you go red. It mostly happens during sexual intercourse, or sometimes even during yoga or exercise routines.

Why Queefing Happens:

There’s no need to tell you that queefing, or vaginal flatulence, is not a voluntary activity. It is a bodily function that takes place because of the expulsion of air trapped in the folds inside the vaginal canal. This is common during sex because the penis, toy, or fingers push air into the vagina during the regular thrusting. This is particularly common in case of certain positions like the doggy style, which causes the pelvis to tilt upwards. Switching positions abruptly can also lead to it.

However, queefing does not only happen during sexual intercourse. It can also take place during physical activities, especially if you’re doing an inverse pose. Apart from these, you can experience this queer feature during the insertion of a tampon or a menstrual cup. At least you’re alone then – unlike in the chamber of your gynaecologist where the insertion of speculum can make the same awkward sound.

Women who have given birth have particularly higher chances of queefing. This is because pregnancy and childbirth can make the pelvic floor muscles weak. Apart from that, women often tend to squeeze their abdominal muscles during abdominal or weight excises but fail to activate their pelvic floor. As a result, it sags and increases the chances of the entrance of air.


The bad news is that since queefing is involuntary, you can’t really control or prevent it. You also cannot hold it in. However, if you practise kegel exercises regularly and properly, then you can strengthen the muscles and reduce the chances of queefing. During abdominal exercises and weight training, you must hold tight the core abdominal muscles by squeezing the pelvic floor.

During sex, you can reduce the chances of air entering the vaginal canal by keeping the penis, the toy, or the fingers inside the vagina. Of course, you can avoid certain positions during physical intimacy, or even during yoga or exercises. On second thought, that might just be some bad advice that no woman would like to follow.

There’s Nothing to Be Ashamed of!

Queef is referred to as vaginal flatulence or vaginal farting. Its similarity with flatulence is obvious, because of the release of air from the lower end of the body and the sound it makes. Naturally, the embarrassment associated with it is similar to that of farting in public. However, it is not the same as anal farting or flatulence, which is the escaping of gas from the body during the process of digestion. Bacteria breaking down in the body is released with this gas, and it has a foul odour. However, queefs do not have the odour, and are neither an expulsion of gas nor bacteria. It’s just air that has sneaked into the vagina, and then finds a way out. So, you need not be embarrassed at all. It is just a common thing.

In case you notice any foul odour during queefing, you should visit a doctor, as it might indicate a fistula, vaginal infection, etc. As for the good old queefing, you must remember that to accept it as a normal bodily function, one needs to be mature. Just remember that you deserve a partner in the bedroom who knows a little bit of female biology and is ready to look past the weird and messy bits during intercourse.

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