Self Care 101 - Skincare and Vulva Tips for the Winter Season

Self Care 101 - Skincare and Vulva Tips for the Winter Season
The winter season is finally here. Although winter can be quite beautiful, once the cold weather sets in, it can be challenging to maintain our skin and keep them happy and healthy.

Besides taking care of our skin, our intimate area is another sensitive part of our body that needs extra tender loving care. Because of this, it's best to look for the best feminine hygiene products so that your intimate area stays moisturized and comfortable during the cold months.

If you're starting to build a skincare and intimate area routine for the winter season, stick around. This is our ultimate self-care 101 to help you manage and keep your skin and vulva healthy during this season. Let's get to it!

Self-care Part 1: Skincare tips

1. Apply emollients

If you have sensitive skin and cold weather is a trigger for your skin conditions, it's best to apply emollients on exposed areas such as your hands, neck and face before heading outside.

Using these creams will help prevent your skin from getting irritated and drying out and put your skin conditions at bay.

2. Be mindful of the fabric you use

Most people get skin reactions when using particular fabrics, like wool and synthetic materials. When you expose your sensitive skin to these products, it may cause overheating and itching. So before you cover up for the winter, check the materials used in your clothing to avoid any discomforts and skin reactions.

3. Manage your stress

The holidays come up alongside the winter season and because of that, stress-levels may increase and you may experience skin flare-ups. Whatever the reason, ensure that you're keeping your stress levels low to help control your skin conditions.

You can do this by creating a winter routine that you can follow daily, squeeze in a bit of meditation or yoga and exercise regularly to promote endorphin production.

Self-care Part 2: Vulva tips

1. Keep your vulva dry

During the winter season, your vulva isn't exposed because of the layers of clothes you wear. Because of that, it helps keep that area of your body dry, decreasing your chances of getting yeast infections.

2. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

During the winter season, a great way to keep your intimates warm is by doing regular maintenance and grooming but allowing your hair to grow. This will help regulate the temperature in the area of your vulva as well as decrease your chances of getting razor burns, ingrown hairs and bumps!

3. Use natural products

To help deal with the harsh effects of the cold months, it's best to use natural feminine hygiene products that won't trigger irritating skin reactions, especially in your intimate parts and vulva.

A great option you can use for cleansing is Imbue's Natural Intimate Hygiene Foam. This product helps keep your vaginal ecosystem healthy, maintains a correct pH level and helps eliminate irritation, foul odour and more.


During the winter season, the best thing you can do to your skin and your vulva is to be gentle and use products that you know your skin will love. By using the best feminine hygiene products, you'll be able to maintain a healthy vaginal ecosystem and eliminate any discomfort that your intimate area may experience. Besides that, keeping your skin healthy and happy during the winter season will also prevent you from having to deal with horrible skin reactions and troubles.

If you're looking for natural feminine hygiene products, check out Imbue Natural. We provide natural intimate hygiene products, such as intimate wash and foams, stimulants and other bundles for women. Check out our products today!

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