To Wax Or Not To Wax

To Wax Or Not To Wax

There are those days when you don’t really care about how people perceive you, and say “Heck yeah” as you step out to rock the unshaved legs and arms. On other days, you just want to touch your skin and feel nothing but silky smoothness of hairlessness. For such days when you crave baby-soft skin, there are plenty of hair removal options like epilators, body wax, depilatory creams, shaving etc. Perhaps the most common and reliable hair removal technique is waxing. But, many do ponder if they should wax or not. 

Pros and Cons of Waxing

There are many myths and fears associated with the idea of waxing. Pulling hair out of the skin after pouring hot wax: that’s bound to scare some people! So, let’s quickly take a look at the pros and cons of waxing:

Pros of waxing:

1. Effects of waxing can last up to six weeks, depending upon the thickness and growth of the hair. This is more effective than the effects of shaving or using depilatory cream; waxing essentially removes the hair from the roots, and hence, takes longer to regrow, while, in case of shaving, a part of the hair stays ingrained in the skin, which just continues to grow. 

2. When the hair grows back after waxing, it is weaker and thinner, unlike shaving which just leaves the hair with a blunt tip, which eventually starts to feel stubbly and more noticeable; this is basically the reason why people tend to think that shaving makes hair thicker.  

3. During waxing, you not only remove the hair but also the dead cells from the top of the skin. This gives the skin a healthy sheen. In addition, the pre and post-waxing care, using lotions and soothing gels, makes the skin even smoother. 

Cons of waxing:

1. Well, the first disadvantage, as everyone knows, is the pain factor. Let’s be honest here; waxing means, pulling hair out of the skin, literally. Even though you eventually get accustomed to the pain, you can still feel the pain of ripping the hair out of the skin, especially in sensitive areas. 

2. Even though it is argued that minimal allergy is noted after waxing as compared to using epilators, depilatory creams, etc., especially when you’re getting waxed by a professional, the reality is that waxing leaves the pores open, leaving chances of infection. It can also damage the pores and hair bulbs, if overdone.

3. After hair removal by waxing, you can be left with the skin feeling irritated. Waxing can cause redness, bumps, itchiness, ingrown hair, etc. 


To wax or not to wax? That is the question. 

Taking all the pros and cons into consideration, we can conclude that while there are some cons to waxing, they can be avoided by proper pre and post care. As a result, you’ll end up with smooth, hairless skin, and the freedom from regular hair removal sessions for a fairly long time. It’s also important to choose a professional to get yourself waxed, because they know exactly how to prep your skin, how to hold your skin taut during waxing for minimal pulling and tugging, and what products to use afterwards, etc. Of course, all this depends on your tolerance level. If you can handle that, then waxing is the answer to getting rid of body hair for a long time.  

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