What Is the C Spot and How Is It Different From the G Spot?

What Is the C Spot and How Is It Different From the G Spot?

Everyone has heard of the famous G spot at some point, as it often held the key to female pleasure. However, because of the enduring stigma surrounding female anatomy, most people have difficulty locating it, let alone talking about it. Even though getting to know your body is essential, women continue to struggle with shame and fear over exploring themselves; many of them haven’t even heard of the C spot!

That’s right—there’s more than one spot that can give you an orgasm. Most people think that the G spot is where it’s at, but that’s the beautiful thing about the female anatomy: there are so many amazing ways to own your pleasure. Knowing your anatomy is also useful for cleaning it and finding the right vaginal wash to keep it healthy. Otherwise, you may risk some nasty infections that will get in the way of pleasure!

What is the C Spot?

Although the C spot may sound foreign and exotic, it is just another way to call the clitoris. You can find your clitoris on either side of your vaginal opening which is shaped like a wishbone. When you explore yourself, you may find a bean-like bump that sits right at the tip of your clitoris, and this specific area is the C spot. It’s the most sensitive part of your clitoris, and its only function is to feel pleasure and lead you towards an orgasm. However, having a sensation isn't just about the C spot—there's lot more to it than that!

How Can You Find the C Spot?

Many women locate their C spot by using the tip of their fingers to search the area gently. Once they feel stimulated, they’ve found the C spot. Alternatively, some use toys to find it, particularly those who are hesitant to start exploring themselves with their hands.

What Makes It Different From the G Spot?

Most people regard the G spot as the best and ultimate way to achieve orgasm. However, some people have even doubted the existence of a G spot and its physical location. The G spot is different from the C spot because it’s not in a specific, defined area. It’s part of the larger clitoral complex, which comprises a vast network of highly sensitive spots.

It’s much easier to find the C spot than the G spot, as all you’ll need to look out for is a bean-shaped bump. With the G spot, you’ll have to reach into your vagina and curl your fingers up towards your stomach—the same motion you’d make when asking someone to “come here.” If you do this while aroused, the G spot will feel much more textured than the rest of your vaginal canal. You can also use a dual stimulation vibrator to explore your G spot.


Getting familiar with your own anatomy is a part of being human, despite what some squeamish and ultra-conservative people might say. No one knows your body better than you do, which is essential for taking care of it and making sure you’re in great shape. By knowing where all these spots are, you can give it all the tender loving care it deserves, including keeping it clean with V care liquid wash!

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