5 natural remedies for muscle tension

5 natural remedies for muscle tension

Working from home and being confined to a desk has made tense, tight muscles a feature in our day to day lives. But one does not need to live with chronic pain, and there are various methods of dealing with it. If you prefer a natural way of relieving muscle tension, check out this blog post to find out our favourite home remedies!

1. Moving around

Being too sedentary is one of the top causes of body aches and muscle tension. Even people who are athletic and work out regularly are at risk of being susceptible to tense muscles. This can be avoided by making it a habit to constantly move around the house! Standing up and doing a 5-minute mobility exercise every 40 minutes or one hour can help to keep the body warmed up and prevent stiff and tense muscles.

2. Taking a warm bath

Taking a warm shower or bath at the end of the day can help with muscle soreness. The temperature of the water helps to soothe the muscles, and relieve pain. You can try adding epsom salts and essential oils for de-stressing for a bit of extra zing and to further help with muscle recovery as well. 

3. Soothing your joints

The joints in our bodies, such as our knees, hips, ankles and elbows usually bear the brunt of the weight of the human body. Unfortunately, even if there is too much inactivity, it takes a direct toll on our joints. Knee pain is one of the most underestimated effects of sitting all day, and massaging your knees at least once every day with a pain relief oil is a good way to stimulate and rejuvenate your knees. 

4. At home massages

Nothing soothes stiff muscles than a good massage. A full body massage or a localized massage on the affected areas can do wonders! Simply take some natural massage oil and use firm but gentle motions to apply even pressure on the affected areas. Do not hesitate to ask your significant other or a loved one to help you with those hard to reach areas such as the back of your neck or your lower back. You can even arrange a session with a licensed massage therapist or a physical therapist if the pain persists.

5. Nutrition

Most headaches or neck aches could be the cause of dehydration. During the course of our workdays, we often find ourselves tied up in an important meeting or simply forget to drink some water. In addition to consuming ample amounts of water, It is important to include a balanced amount of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and that can keep our muscles enriched and help us prevent muscle degeneration! 

These are a few simple home remedies that can be tried to help with muscle tension and pain relief. If you have pain that’s been bothering you in spite of these home remedies, do consult a doctor immediately.

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