7 Period problems every woman can relate with

7 Period problems every woman can relate with

Love it, love to hate it, but we’re stuck with it. Our periods are an almost lifelong commitment and having a healthy menstrual cycle is indispensable to overall health and wellness. When all that’s been said, our period can also cause significant inconveniences in our lives. Here are 7-period problems that every person who has experienced a menstrual cycle can relate to!

1. Cramps

Period cramps are one of the worst experiences any period-haver can have. The age-old discussion of whether periods hurt more than getting kicked in the testicles is like comparing apples to oranges. They cannot be compared on the same level! Firstly, period cramps are two-fold; there’s a constant dull ache around the lower back, abdomen and pelvis and sudden sharp cramps in isolated areas as well. Some people experience it with more intensity than others, but the unfortunate ones are often left at the mercy of over the counter drugs to help cope with the pain. But fret not! These days, there are a number of period pain relief oils and essential oils for period cramps available on the market to help with period cramps and pain.

2. Mood swings

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS can significantly alter your mood and cause mood swings. Not only can this happen during the time leading up to your period, but it can also happen during your period. If you have been feeling sudden bouts of short temper, anger, sadness or anxiety, this could be the reason. Your menstrual cycle and the subsequent changes in estrogen and progesterone level have an effect on the serotonin levels in your brain as well, which is what causes these mood swings. Try to practice mindfulness and yoga every day and not just during your period to help with mood regulation!

3. Staining your clothes

The worst part of getting your period unexpectedly is possibly staining your clothes, especially when you’ve decided to wear a white outfit that day. Staining your clothes is not the end of the world, but it is at least an inconvenience or at most an embarrassing moment in your life. But normalizing periods and staining and being embarrassed when you accidentally stain your friend’s couch before you realize what has happened are two sides of the same coin and an unfortunate effect of being someone who menstruates. 

4. Bloating

Another lesser-known side effect of your period is bloating. Most of the time it comes with nausea and a loss of appetite, so, unfortunately,  it’s just the worst of both worlds. Try taking some peppermint tea and going on slow short walks if possible to help with nausea and bloating. And remember you’ve got this girl! 

5. Period poops

This is probably the least talked about side effect of periods, but every period-haver has experienced the ‘period poops’. You know the one I’m talking about, the ones that feel like you ate a bad batch of cheese the previous night. Apparently, the cramps that cause your period, i.e., causes the uterus to shed its inner lining also affects your small intestine and causes these unseemly period poops. So, if you’ve ever experienced it, know that you are not alone in this journey sister!

6. Unexpectedly starting your period

Getting your period may be a minor inconvenience, but if there’s an added element of surprise, it changes everything! The fear of staining your clothes on a day out, unexpectedly getting that all familiar first cramp when you’re in an important meeting or awaiting the next time you can reach a bathroom on your road trip are some of the biggest drawbacks one can face.

7. Period Acne

Periods can disrupt many of our plans and events but the icing on the cake is period acne. Acne in general can bring down our mood and when it happens during an important event it can really wreck our self-confidence. Some people experience period induced acne a week before their period and some can experience it during their cycle, but a few unfortunate people can have it at all times

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