5 Simple Ideas On—How to Explore Kink With Your Partner

5 Simple Ideas On—How to Explore Kink With Your Partner

Although many people consider kinks to be forbidden in India, they are pretty common in any adult’s sex life. In a survey, 50% of participants who hadn't had an opportunity to investigate kink, exhibited curiosity in it. 

If you and your partner agree that kinky sex sounds thrilling, and if you are one of the 50% of people who are interested and genuinely want to spice up your sex life, this blog post will be super enticing and exciting for you. 

The Act of Kinky Sex 


Kink is an adjective used to denote something unusual or intriguing. 

In the context of sex, kink can refer to any unconventional, eccentric, or odd concept or sexual activities, that are not very common among people. 

Although the term "Unconventional Sex" can imply different things to different individuals, in this context, it refers to anything that deviates from the popular idea of "Normal Vanilla Sex."

Vanilla sex often involves masturbation, oral sex, loving touch, kissing, romantic discussion, and vaginal penetration. In contrast, "kink" is a catch-all term for various unusual sex behaviors.

Naturally, this signifies that kink is a subjective term among couples. You might be a master at vanilla sex but haven't tried roleplaying yet. 

Or perhaps you and your partner only engage in missionary and doggy-style sex, in which case having sex outside would be regarded as kink. 

Thus, it would be best if you explored your deepest darkest fantasies to find your kink. 

5 Simple Ideas to Begin Kink Exploration with Your Partner


Kink can be expressed in various ways, but they all include performing something that pushes the usual boundaries of your sexual comfort. 

And while that could be a little frightening, we've peeked into some precise and relevant suggestions for how you can make 'the act of kink' work for your relationship, regardless of where you fall on the sexual spectrum.

So, let's discuss five simple ideas: how to spice up your sex life by adding a bit of kink. 

1. Try BDSM and Switch Role Playing 


People commonly imagine this when they hear the word "kink." BDSM  word represented by this four-letter acronym includes bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. 

The term "BDSM" refers to a broad range of behaviors and extremities, including spanking, bondage, dominant-submissive role-playing, and choking.


By switching between dominance and submission, you can even out the dynamics between you and your partner.

The variety of sexual activities performed by a dominant and a submissive partner comprises the kink in their role-playing relationship. 

As you engage in kinky sex games under the sheets, repeat or switch roles. Try out various role-play scenarios where you can practice forced restraint, bondage, or flogging.

2. Try Sex in Front of a Mirror  

With your partner, experiment with this hot and sensual notion in front of a mirror. When having mirror sex, be sure to let go of any inhibitions.

Dim the lights if you continue to feel too revealed due to your body's imperfections, such as cellulite or sagging skin.

As your partner goes down on you or you choose to offer them oral pleasure, take delight in a bit of voyeurism and exhibitionism. 

Use your mirror to your advantage and choose between face-to-face, standing, or doggy-style sex.

Wait until you pass out, observing each other's facial expressions while reaching the pinnacle. 

3. Try Temperature and Texture Play 


Despite how intense this type of sex play may sound, incorporating hot and cold temperatures into your sex life is quite easy.

Whereas, playing with textures can be really enjoyable and exciting. It is exactly what it sounds like—using objects with various textures to arouse your partner. 

So how can you have sex that is kinky while using temperature or texture?

While playing with temperature, you can use ice cubes, freeze sex toys, drop warm wax on your partner, and much more.

With textures, use: feathers, fur, and silk handkerchiefs. Select an object that will make your sweetheart moan in pleasure.

Even just closing your eyes and experiencing passionate sex can intensify the sensation of any texture or temperature when you're blindfolded. 

So, don't forget to add a blindfold !:P

4. Try Masturbating in Front of Your Partner

Yes, masturbating with your partner can make you feel vulnerable, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

In reality, some actions that make us feel the most vulnerable are frequently the most powerful.

Masturbating in front of your lover will only make your bond strong and spicy over time.

Putting away the first awkwardness and vulnerability, it is one of the most pleasurable things you can do to enhance excitement before your last sex act with your spouse.

Asking your partner to enjoy themselves while you watch or participate in mutual masturbation will heat up the situation. 

5. Try Kinky Sex Toys

Ofcourse, using sex toys is nothing to be ashamed of. 

As long as you have a proper strategy in place, the consent of your partner, and how you will use the toys, it's a healthy expression of human sexuality. 

Today you can find countless varieties of sex toys in the market. 

Vibrators, Dildos, Anal Toys, Penis Rings, and Vagina Balls are some of the most popular ones.

You can safely explore various sensations, stimulation zones, and levels of stimulation around your pleasure points using sex toys, which gives you the blessing of understanding what makes you feel good. 

Once you have done that, use the road map to convey your pleasure points to your partner. 

How to Explore Kinky Sex Safely? 


It may feel intimidating and frightening if you've never engaged in kink. Here are our top recommendations for safely experiencing kink with a partner.

1. Be Well-Informed About Everything 

Obtaining advice from sex specialists could be beneficial if you are starting off with your kink exploration. 

You and your partner will feel less intimidated and more prepared if you both learn more about kink before getting started.

2. Agree on a "Safe Word"

By choosing a safe word, both parties will have a simple and quick way to say "No" during the course of action. 

This safe term lets the other person know that you want to end the kink play due to an uncomfortable feeling.

3. Engage in an Open Discussion

When talking about kink with your partner, it's crucial to establish an open and non-judgmental atmosphere. 

Make sure you both feel at ease talking openly and honestly about your desires and potential interest before starting the kink play.

The Takeaway 

Kink play requires extra stamina and stimulation. Therefore, in case you feel low on stamina, have this desire to regain your zeal, or just want to enhance genital stimulation to last longer in bed—then you have to try "Imbue's Natural Firefly Range."

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Keep in mind that kink is all about sharing pleasure while exploring it with your partner. Whether they are on the receiving side or not, all parties should enjoy the kink being performed. 

This is why setting boundaries and discussing kink openly with your partner(s) is essential. 

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