5 Things You Don’t Know About Your VAGINA

5 Things You Don’t Know About Your VAGINA

Everyone is born from it, half the world has it, the other half desires it (well most of them!), but no one wants to talk about it. Presenting the elusive and ever enchanting VAGINA! Today, we are going to talk about it and you are going to know more about it. So, get ready to get your mind blown and your perception changed.

1. Vagina And Vulva Are Not Same

Vagina is not the term given to a woman’s genitals as a collective. Vagina is the canal that connects the cervix to the vaginal opening. It is the birth canal which accommodates the penis during intercourse and where the sperms are ejaculated by the penis. Vulva on the other hand is the collective term for the external female genitalia (which we normally call as Vagina… Oopss!!!)

2. Regular ‘Workouts’ Work Wonders For Your Vagina

Here we are not just referring to the sexual workouts (which by the way help to keep your vagina healthy and you happy!), but also something called the ‘Kegel’ exercises or the pelvic floor exercises. They are usually done to help manage urinary incontinence, but they can also help also help to improve sexual satisfaction.

3. Vagina Is Like Wine

Before you jump to conclusions, we are not talking about taste! If you don’t know already, the pH of your vagina is acidic between 3.8 to 4.5 same as the pH of wine. The Lactobacilli or the good bacteria thrive in this pH and help maintain a healthy vaginal environment free of infections. An increase in the vaginal pH from 4.5 can lead to vaginal infections and diseases.

4. Vagina Is Self Cleaning

Really What??? Yes, you heard us. Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ so stop spending money on those feminine hygiene products that claim to “Clean Your Vagina”. It’s the Vulva (check out the first point to know the difference) that needs regular cleaning. But there is a whole different way of doing that than taking a regular shower (it’s not complicated, just different – to know more, check out our Vagina Health page.

5. There’s Something Common Between Your Vagina And SHARKS

Vaginas are compared to flowers, fruits and what not but it’s very unusual to compare your vagina to Sharks. Well, there is a scientific fact behind it (and no, Vagina Dentata is not a real condition). The lubricant produced by the vagina contains a compound called squalene, which is the same compound that is found in the livers of sharks. Well, you didn’t see that coming did you?

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