All You Need to Know About Female Orgasms

All You Need to Know About Female Orgasms

Ah, the mystery of the female orgasm: let’s face it, there is a lot of censorship with anything relating to female sexuality. But despite the lack of education or representation about it, it does exist. But how do we achieve it? In this blog post, we attempt to discover the interplay between achieving the infamous female orgasm and the effect it has on our mental, physical and sexual health. Read on to find out! 

Spreading Awareness

There is quite a scientific reason for male orgasms because it directly leads to pregnancy and in extension, procreation. Having children and continuing the human race is viewed as one of the major goals by many societies and spiritual groups around the world.  On the other hand, there is no discernible reason for women to have orgasms, or rather no reason akin to male orgasm. That being said, did you know regular orgasms are actually essential to a woman’s general health and wellness? 

In the olden days,  women who were prone to emotional outbursts were diagnosed with “Hysteria”, and were often treated by the doctor, essentially administering an orgasm to the patient. This was such a popular mode of treatment for the treatment of hysteria that it was one of the reasons that led to the invention of a primitive version of the Vibrator! It was developed as an electric massager that could be used, in addition to treating hysteria, it was also used to massage other areas in the body to treat arthritis, and other inflammations. 

Hysteria is now researched upon and said to encompass a number of psychological issues like dissociative disorders, depression and anxiety. But the fact remains that having regular orgasms are good for our mental, physical and sexual health

Normalizing a Woman’s Need for Sexual Satisfaction

The other side of that coin is the fact that women have the right to own their sexuality and their sexual needs. We all know that the female orgasm is achievable through masturbation and solo play, but why is it so difficult to achieve during intercourse? The answer lies in the sad reality of the situation: female arousal is not prioritized, let alone thought about. Many women have been brought up with the notion that masturbation is dirty, or a gross thing that “good girls” must not indulge in. But we believe that everyone has a right to their bodies and that sexual health should be prioritized. 

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