Self-Care Products to Add to Your Bridal Trousseau

Self-Care Products to Add to Your Bridal Trousseau

The wedding season is here and how!!! Every time we refresh our social media feed looks like someone is having a grand wedding. Are you also someone who is getting hitched this wedding season? Well, then we have some pearls of wisdom to share with you. Intimacy is a very important part of married life. Despite all the hush-hush around sex, no one can deny the fact that happy and healthy sex life is in fact a key ingredient of joyous married life and sexual pleasure is equally important for both partners.

Well, keeping that in mind, we are spelling secrets. Here are the best self-care products that are an absolute must in your Bridal Trousseau. Take our pens and start taking notes. 

1. Imbue Firefly All Natural Stimulant for women: Whether you want to play solo or indulge in some fun with your partner, setting the right mood is an absolute necessity. So light up some fireworks with our all-natural stimulant for women. This natural elixir has been crafted, just to set that right mood in the bedroom. Simply massage it gently on your clitoris and in the surrounding area and let the magic begin.

2. Firefly all-natural lubricant: If there is one rule for great sex, then it has to be the wetter the better. Lubricants are often seen as the last resort when there is a lack of natural wetness or is usually seen as a necessity for anal sex. While lubricants are great for adding extra wetness and also are an absolute necessity for anal sex, but that doesn’t mean, we have to restrict it to that only. Lubricants can spice up your sex life by leaps and bounds and guess what, it is great for solo play too. Our All Natural lubricant has been crafted with the best ingredients keeping your safety in mind.

3. Daalia Breast Massage Cream: Ladies, let’s just admit it, as much as we love our breasts, they can be quite a pain at times. The soreness, the backaches…the list simply goes on. Well, our Daalia Breast massage cream is the answer to all your issues.  This lightweight cream has hemp seed oil which helps in easing pain and boosting collagen production thus showing anti-ageing properties. The unique formula also keeps your breasts from sagging and guess what, it is great for foreplay too. 

4. Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam: Taking care of your privates is the most important aspect of taking care of your sexual health and our intimate hygiene foam has made, keeping that aspect in mind. It comes in a handy 50 ml pack and doesn’t require water for application, making it your perfect travel buddy and for hygiene while at work. Naturally formulated, it cleanses, moisturizes, and helps in reducing irritation, itching while preventing bacterial and fungal infections all while maintaining the natural pH of the skin.

5. Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash For Women: Despite the hush-hush around women’s sexual health, we can still see an encouraging trend where many sections of society are coming forward to talk about female sexual health. And as we already stated, taking care of your vagina is a very integral part of your sexual health. Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash For Women has been crafted from plant extracts. It is cruelty-free, alcohol-free, vegan and paraben-free. It has been formulated to maintain a healthy pH of your vagina, all while being soft and gentle to you and your skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Add these to your Bridal Trousseau and prepare yourself for that beautiful…(and naughty)...married life.

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