Foreplay Moves for Him & Her

Foreplay Moves for Him & Her

Foreplay, or outercourse as it’s referred to sometimes, is arguably the most important part of sex. It helps build up the anticipation, physical arousal and even build up emotional assurance to sexual intercourse. There are many studies that stipulate the importance of foreplay for women, as it helps increase blood flow to the erogenous zones in the body, which makes achieving the orgasm much easier later!

For Him:

1. Bedroom Talk

While many people may think that men don’t really “need” foreplay, it doesn’t mean that it's an added bonus. Foreplay is about showing your partner that you care and that you want to put in the effort! If you are shy about the whole shebang, the beginning step to introducing foreplay in your relationship could be with some simple bedroom talk! You can start simple, and just talk about what you want to do to him, or tell him what you want him to do to you. If speaking out the phrases is a bit out of your comfort zone, try doing it over text! 

2. Feed into His Fantasies

Everyone has fantasies, and sometimes it's good to indulge in them! You can find out what your partner’s sexual fantasy is, and surprise them by dressing up as their fantasy character! If your partner doesn’t have any specific fantasies, you can try some common role play ideas like making up alter egos or even pretending to be a lost traveller/delivery person/ vampire/ anything that interests you! 

3. Take Charge

Most people may assume that men are more dominant and like being in charge in all aspects of life. While that may or may not be true, sometimes, it's a good chance of pace for you to take charge! Be a little dominant in bed by initiating sexual advances, and trying new positions that give you more control. If your partner is into it, you can even take it a step further by introducing some handcuffs or blindfolds into the mix. Talk about being naughty! 

For Her:

4. Show Her your Appreciation

Your partner deserves your love and appreciation, and there are many ways in which you can show it to them. Foreplay does not necessarily have to be strictly sexual, but rather arouse them emotionally and mentally to get them in the mood!  Most women love being touched, not just in a sexual heavy petting manner, but even light simple skin stroking is guaranteed to get her in the mood. The best way to arouse a woman can be to offer her a relaxing massage. A strong foot massage or a cosy shoulder massage can help to convey your appreciation of her and her body, and build anticipation for the rest of the night. Use an all-natural body massage oil, like the Imbue Niraama Body Oil which is made with ayurvedic ingredients like jojoba and lavender essential oils, camphor and Nilgiri oil which helps with providing lightness to the body and cool it down. 

Keep the conversation going, and check-in with her when things start to heat up as you go. Chances are, she’s already relaxed, satisfied and ready for you, thanks to the time spent on some amazing foreplay action!

5. Don’t Shy Away from Taking Some Help

We all need a little help sometimes, and that’s okay! the elusive female arousal can be achieved with the help of some natural sexual wellness products like the Imbue Firefly All Natural Stimulant for women and the Imbue Firely All Natural Lubricant, that’s made with all-natural and ayurvedic ingredients such as Supari Patra Ark, which helps to balance secretions and Kamal Naal Ark which contains lubrication and aphrodisiac properties. We, as a society, must work towards normalizing using stimulants and lubricants to help with increasing female arousal. The orgasm gap that exists between men and women is already a big chasm, and if there is an added shame to use special products that are designed to help women achieve the big O, it only acts on widening the gap. 

6. The C Spot is The New G Spot

We’ve all heard of the elusive G spot, that mythical place that upon discovery can make a woman climax immediately. Well, we’re afraid that that’s not really the whole truth. While some women may feel that such a zone exists, there is no evidence to prove its existence or how to find it. But don’t be disheartened, because we bring to you the C spot: the Clitoris! The clitoris is the most sensitive spot on a woman’s body and is easily visible and accessible. Here’s a tip for you to maximize pleasure, use the C spot sparingly, and not like a call button for an orgasm. The more you build up anticipation before you reach the clitoris, the more intense her climax will be! 

We hope these couple foreplay tips have established the importance of foreplay and its contribution to a good session! Let us know which of these tips were the most helpful for you, and any that we missed in the comments below!

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