7 Ways to Make Sex Pleasurable for Her

7 Ways to Make Sex Pleasurable for Her

Female pleasure is often seen as taboo in some conservative households. But it’s 2021, and women deserve pleasure too! While there is no one and done way to make intercourse enjoyable for all women, there are some steps you can take to see which one works for your lady. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled these 7 ways to make sex pleasurable for her too!

1. Have a conversation

Talk to your partner about their likes and dislikes. Try to have an honest conversation about things that have and haven’t worked in the past, and create a safe space to be able to voice out things during intercourse as well! If your partner does not like conversing about sex or has trouble conveying these things, try leading them with yes or no questions and helping them through it!

2. Foreplay is your friend

Remember, sex is not like how they show it onscreen. It’s gonna take more than wham, bam, thank you ma’am to make it an unforgettable experience for her. Don’t rush things, but rather create an atmosphere that is relaxed and chill. Foreplay doesn’t have to start only in bed, you can try it in other ways too. Try flirty messages or sexting, giving her a massage, or snuggling in front of a movie. All of this will definitely help her in relaxing more and create the perfect level of intimacy for the night! 

3. Don’t shy away from the lube

Sex can be quite painful for women if they’re not aroused enough. To avoid this and create the perfect night for her, don’t hesitate to take a little bit of help from our friend, the lubricant! We recommend that all women should have go-to Personal lubricants for dryness, because if you don’t take them of yourself then who will? If you’re here looking for tips and tricks to pleasure your partner, here’s a tip; go natural! Chemical based lubricants can be too harsh on your lady’s intimate regions, as most of them contain petroleum-based ingredients. So skip the dilemma and go for a harm-free natural personal lubricant like Imbue Natural’s Firefly All Natural Lubricant. The Firefly Lubricant has the goodness of herbs like Lajjalu ark which has arousal enhancing properties and Kamal Naal ark which helps with lubrication and contains aphrodisiac properties!  

4. Be confident

Confidence, be it in men or women, is a major turn-on. So don’t be afraid to showcase your best self and be bold in bed. Take charge of the situation while making her feel comfortable and know when to hold back when it’s making her uncomfortable. And throughout it all, don't forget to practice healthy communication to avoid any awkwardness!

5.Make it all about her

It’s her night, so make it all about her! Get her flowers, give her a massage, compliment her and light her favourite candle! These may seem like little things but they add so much character to the event! You can even go a step further and prepare her favourite snack for the afterparty!

6. Find her erogenous zones

Many believe that the g spot is the clitoris, but can you believe it if I say that that’s not entirely true as well? While the clitoris is often overlooked, there are other, lesser-known erogenous zones on a woman’s body! So try teasing and caressing these other zones as well and discover new ways to make her feel good! 

7. Practice makes perfect!

As it is with any habit, Sex can be better with practice as well. Try to practice new moves into your routine and take time to talk about new things that your partner may want to try, like using toys or roleplaying. Who knows, maybe you will surprise yourselves with your reaction to these new moves! 

While these aren't surefire ways to make it her most pleasurable night, some of these tips may work for your partner! Let us know what’s your unique tip for maximizing pleasure? Let us know in the comments!

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