Myths about Period Sex

Myths about Period Sex

Most people, especially in India, still consider both ‘sex’ and ‘periods’ to be taboo subjects. Even today, there are too many myths and misunderstandings regarding both, i.e. sex and periods – and, of course, sex during periods. People cringe at the thought of it. But, is it really a cringe-worthy idea? Let’s find out!

Myths about Period Sex –

Most seem to believe that sex during periods is messy and painful. There are many other rumors and misconceptions to make sex during periods sound like some kind of a monstrous activity. Let’s start with busting some of the myths.

1. Sexual desire is diminished during periods – The truth is, there’s a surge in the testosterone level, which actually increases your libido.

2. Period sex is unhygienic and unhealthy – Menstrual blood is not something dirty, as it is not a body waste. It’s just another bodily fluid and it cannot be harmful to either of the partners.

3. You cannot get pregnant from period sex – While the chances of it happening are quite low, it is still not impossible for you to get pregnant from having sex during periods.

4. Periods can get worse after sex – Increased blood amount and quicker blood flow due to uterine contractions after period sex can actually bring your periods to an early end.

5. Your partner can’t catch STI – Many think it’s impossible to get sexually transmitted diseases during periods. If you’re a carrier, your partner may contract STIs faster during period sex.

Pros of Sex During Periods –

We have already told you that period sex might help to decrease the length of your menstruation. But wait! There’s more.

1. Alleviates cramps – Uterine contractions shed the lining which results in menstrual cramps. Orgasms can help release the uterine muscles and relieve menstrual cramps.

2. Improves mood – It is common to feel irritated and suffer from mood swings during periods. But, sex can release endorphins. That, along with the intimacy with your partner, helps to make your mood better.

3. Helps headache – Many women have reportedly found complete or partial relief from headaches as a result of period sex. It is possible that this is the result of the endorphin release.

Tips for sex during period sex

The biggest disadvantage of sex during periods is the mess because of the blood. So, here’s a look at some precautions to take to make things less messy and more fun –

a. Keep towels handy – Lay down on a large towel, preferably on a dark color, to prevent the menstrual blood from ruining your sheets. After all, you bleed about 60 ml of blood – nothing a towel can’t handle.

b. Consider shower sex – Aside from the fact that shower sex can be extremely desirable, it can also be a great way to ensure that you completely prevent the bloody mess. Plus, you can feel relaxed, especially if it’s a hot shower.

c. Try to stick to missionary position – Since periods can cause abdominal pain, it is a good idea to stick to a simple, comfortable position that doesn’t lead to body pain or make you do something difficult.

d. Use tampon or menstrual cup during foreplay – Periods should not need to prevent you from enjoying a long foreplay session. You can keep a tampon inside to soak up the blood, or a menstrual cup to collect it. However, remove it before penetration.

e. Stick to the days of lighter flow – The blood flow isn’t the same on all five days of your periods. For some, it’s light on the first day. For others, it’s the last two days. So, pick one of these days for period sex, at least during the first few times.

Now that you know everything you need to know about sex during periods, prepare for some fun. Perhaps, sex is the only thing that can make a woman can enjoy her periods – besides dark chocolates!

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