Naked and Unmasked: Why Pleasure Also Means Self-Care

Naked and Unmasked: Why Pleasure Also Means Self-Care

One of the very few silver linings from the madness of 2020 was enlightenment. People have learned new things either on purpose, through taking up a new hobby or whatnot, and others just go through certain experiences. Many have come to understand that when it comes to keeping your well-being in check, sexual pleasure plays a key role.  

Quarantine gave people a lot of time to explore self-pleasure and even learn to celebrate it as a way of self-care. A report done in mid-2020 found that masturbation as self-care is acknowledged by 84% of Americans, which is a huge leap from 2016's 44%.

Normalise Pleasure

For 2021, there is no sign of people foregoing sexual wellness in terms of holistic self-care. In fact, they likely have an expectation from brands with pleasure-focused products to do the same. It would be more than fair to say that there's certainly more to come on that end.

Market projections foresee that by 2025, the sexual wellness industry will grow by 9.8%. A key part of this has been helped along by celebrities who help raise awareness, taking the stigma away from products that are pleasure-focused as they go along. Perhaps best known for her role as Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey, actress Dakota Johnson became co-creative director for Maude. She even announced that she had placed an investment into the company!

Sexy Self Care

One of the key benefits of indulging on the sensual end of self-care is the release of oxytocin. Typically referred to as the body's "love hormone", it supports psychological and sexual health. Moreover, it's been known to reduce stress considerably. There are several ways to pay more attention to the sensual side of things in your self-care, such as:

  • Get Pampered 

This can be as simple as investing in lush feminine intimate care products or booking a whole day at the spa. When was the last time you did some "ladyscaping"? Book that long-overdue waxing session, or purchase a new razor. Of course, not everyone is into hair removal, and that's perfectly fine. Look into exfoliating body scrubs, a body mask or even just a bath bomb; those are all great for your skin.

  • Oil Massage

Giving yourself a massage can be a rewarding experience in itself. Look into organic oils like coconut, jojoba, safflower, or sesame. As long as they're organic and high-quality, they're worth a try. Aside from helping your hands along, it will help calm you down, increase stamina and even release internal toxins. This can come before or after a meditation or yoga session, where the likes of yoni mudra will contribute to relaxation.

  • Self Examine

When was the last time you took a good look at the intimate parts of your body? Use a small hand mirror to spread your labia using your fingers, checking for abnormalities. A mirror is also key for breast examinations, which also involves examining breast tissue through your fingers' pads.


A new part of holistic self-care has been making the rounds: the sensual side of things. Pleasure lifts the mood and even contributes to the release of oxytocin, the "love hormone". Find the time to self examine, get pampered or give yourself an oil massage.

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