5 Yoga Poses That Can Also Be Sex Positions

5 Yoga Poses That Can Also Be Sex Positions

Yoga is becoming more mainstream with more and more people seeking their inner yogi and getting into the practice. Yoga is well-known for its many benefits including increased range of motion, flexibility and better quality sleep. However, did you know that practicing yoga may also help improve your sex life?

If you and your partner are experiencing a sex rut and want to take some flare into the bedroom, learning yoga may be the way to get out of that rut! If you want to add an extra layer of challenge to your lovemaking, read on! These yoga-sex poses will allow you and your partner to explore the extent of what your bodies can do. 

5 Yoga Poses That Can Also Be Sex Positions

If you are intimidated by the Kama Sutra, here are some of the best yoga poses you can try in bed with your partner!

1 - Downward Dog

This variation of doggy style can become your new go-to position when you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Experience extra pleasure and a good stretch when you try a downward facing dog with your partner taking you from behind.

2 - Happy Baby 

This pose will give your partner full access to pleasure you. This pose will allow you to take a sexy twist on the missionary position and have added fun and challenge by having your legs and feet in the air.

3 - Cobra Pose

This yoga pose is said to stimulate your body’s sexual centers. If you spend most of your time arching or curving your back during sex, this position will allow you to have a good stretch and leave your back feeling great after you’re finished. This position will present its challenges because you will be extremely close to the ground. However, once you and your partner will be able to get into the groove of this position, you will be able to have fun in it!

4 - Plow Pose

This position will help you strengthen your core and stretch the small of your back. This is one of the best positions to get your partner into the yoga-sex habit because it is supposedly able to invigorate and refresh the body. You can use that as the reason when you pitch this to your partner.

5 - Standing Split

If you want to try combining flexibility and sex at the same time, try doing a standing split! Just make sure that you have warm muscles before you attempt to stand on one leg.


Take note that this list is not an all-inclusive one. There are many other would-be sexy-time positions that can be based on yoga poses. The key is to have fun with it! However, that is only half of the equation. You also have to keep a healthy vagina to make sure that you and your partner can continue to have a strong sex life. Remember that a clean vagina is one that is taken care of with high-quality intimate personal care products. To ensure that your sex life will stay healthy, it is best to find good feminine hygiene products as well.

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