Orgasm 101

Orgasm 101

If you’re struggling to reach the big O, you’re probably not the only one. Women are taught to be shy and uptight about physical pleasures, and hence, they not only refuse to tell their partners what they like but probably even don’t know what they like themselves! So, here’s what we can do about orgasm – know more about our body!

Benefits of orgasm:

Sex is a taboo in our country. Sex for pleasure? Unthinkable. But here’s what you need to know – climaxing is the highest point of sexual pleasure. Orgasm can help to:

a) Release stress and tension;

b) Feel relaxed and incredible;

c) Sleep better.

d) Bring you and your partner closer.

Can all women orgasm?

It is a misconception that women’s bodies are designed to make orgasm difficult. It depends on the method you’re applying, the tools being used, your state of mind, and of course, how well you know your body. It’s one thing to go solo; but if you’re with your partner, then your ‘chemistry’ with the other person and how well you communicate what you want is also important.

Do men orgasm more easily?

Men do orgasm more regularly with a partner. The act of thrusting, as well as the visual stimulation they get, helps them. However, it’s not that they always achieve orgasm. Sometimes, it takes time. They may face erectile dysfunction. They may not orgasm at all. However, the misconception about men orgasming more easily arises from the fact that penetrative intercourse hardly provides any stimulation to women; their main organ of pleasure is the clitoris, which is outside and needs separate stimulation. Penetrative sex hardly stimulates the woman, while the man climaxes through this act. Sadly, clitoral stimulation is often ignored.

How do I have an orgasm?

There are many ways to get there. Let’s take a look:

a) Relax your mind – Stop believing what the mass media tells you. It happens. There’s no need to panic about it. In fact, the more you’re stressed about it, or anything else, the harder it will become to reach an orgasm. If necessary, you should go for counseling, alone or with your partner, to solve any psychological blockage or problems in your relationship.

b) Know your body – Remember that the tiny nubbin called clitoris is solely for your pleasure – it has no other purpose. It can be difficult because of the thick hood. Once you locate it, learn to stimulate it the right way.

c) Lube – Lubricants can be of great help, especially in the case of clitoral stimulation. It makes the process much smoother by turning your super-sensitive clitoris even more sensitive.

d) Practice on your own – Don’t be afraid to go solo and learn the secrets of your own body. This will help you communicate to your partner what exactly you need.

e) Be unabashed – Let’s face it – there’s no place to be shy when it’s sex and pleasure. So be clear about what you want and how you like things, and go for it.

f) Visit your gynecologist – It’s a good idea to go to your gynecologist to make sure that you don’t have physical reasons for not getting an orgasm, such as anxiety, depression, medication, etc.

g) Try toys – Many online stores have a wide range of sex toys. You can always start with a basic vibrator.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s the only way you can find pleasure and reach orgasm.

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