Psst.. Let’s discuss the best feminine hygiene products every girl should know about; shall we?

Psst.. Let’s discuss the best feminine hygiene products every girl should know about; shall we?

It is no secret that lack of hygiene is one of the pertinent reasons that can hamper one’s popularity. Nobody likes to be around someone who has an unpleasant body odor which often results from lack of sensible hygiene practice. For years, women only speak about hygiene in terms of mani-pedi, hair, and skincare. While these external treatments are important to make an impression, internal hygiene is a ‘no-shame-game’.

Just like menstruation, nobody talks about intimate hygiene, intimate care tips, or vaginal wash importance. And you know what! It doesn’t even take any longer than a minute to keep the vagina clean. So, let’s bring it to the table. Read on further to know the best feminine intimate products every girl should learn about and religiously include in her body ritual.

Natural Intimate Wash

From here on, do not even think of taking a soap or body wash down there. While the vaginal canal is designed by nature to self-cleanse itself, the external vulvar region should be regularly cleaned for intimate hygiene. A proper intimate wash is designed to balance the pH level (less than 4.5) down there. If you are looking for an all-natural intimate wash, such as the Intimate Hygiene Wash by Imbue, you benefit from the all-natural formulation without hampering the health of the vulvar region.

Natural Intimate Foam

In summers we perspire more, causing sweating and itching down there. You may feel the need to clean the vagina more often at such times for a dry and clean feel. An intimate hygiene foam is as good as an intimate wash, without the need to clean with water, post application. A foam can be your travel buddy and can tag along easily in your purse wherever you go.

Intimate Cleaning Wipes

Try opting for fragrance-free, alcohol-free, dermatologically-tested and organic fibers, for comfort and ease of use. Do not use a face wipe down there and say no to scented wipes or vaginal deodorants. It does not need to smell like a flower or fruit down there! Ensure that the brand you choose makes their products without parabens, sulfates, synthetic preservatives, dyes, or fragrances.


If you are looking for intimate care tips, here’s a good one – use a pantyliner, to stay dry and fresh always Thinner, lighter and softer; replete with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, pantyliners can be used to absorb daily vaginal discharge, post-intercourse discharge, or even a light period flow. It can be used during pre or post menstrual period to prevent accidental staining.


Change your menstrual habits if you are still using a cloth. Tampons are anti-leak and definitely keep you stress-free for 5-6 hours, during your periods, after which you need a change. All the discharge happens inside therefore using a tampon is the best way to keep infections and irritable conditions at bay. Providing a rash-free, clean and dry option during periods, tampons can help you relieve of discomfort, peace of mind and period leakage anxiety.

Menstrual Cups

While some cringe at the thought of a messy cup, it is an environment-friendly and sustainable way to go about periods. The cup sits inside, collecting the blood, with no chance of leakage, and no possibility of harmful diseases.

Emptying or cleaning the menstrual cups every ten hours is more than enough to manage the menstrual flow. Choose highest quality silicone cups. Some last upto 10 years! Are you re-thinking monthly expenses of expensive pads now?

As we close in on 2019, the reflective study tells us that this has been a year of self-care. Women and young girls are indulging in intimate products as much as beauty and hair. And now that you have gone through several intimate care tips yourself, it’s perhaps time to implement them and make some changes in your regular intimate care routine!

Diet, exercise, mental hygiene is good for the V-oman down there, but external care is also crucial. There is a plethora of encouraging intimate hygiene products in the market from various sellers that wish to add a healthier step in your daily self-care routine. Include in your regular intimate care routine some vaginal cleanser that has all-natural formulation; like the Imbue Intimate Hygiene Wash and Intimate Hygiene Foam, and feel fresh all day long.

Your vagina needs conscious care; start now!

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