Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Sexual Past Before Marriage?

Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Sexual Past Before Marriage?

Marriage is the beginning of a new journey, and it's a good idea to start this new period of life with a clean slate, just like any other relationship. Many people believe that discussing your previous sex life with your partner before marriage is a good idea. Any past baggage that you believe may cause problems in the future should be shared before taking the plunge. 

In some cases, partners may be hesitant to ask or share certain aspects of their past, including their sexual history. This brings us to an important question: should you tell your partner about your sexual history? Or should you just sweep it under the rug and let the dust of time bury the problem? Well, it's a matter of personal preference. Many believe that discussing your previous sex life with your partner before marriage is a good idea, and can ensure there are few unpleasant surprises in the future. That said, it can be a difficult decision to make, a complex subject to broach. We’re here to make that decision a little easier for you. Here’s why you should be open and honest about your sexual history before sealing the deal.

It helps build trust
According to mental health experts, the type of relationship you have with your spouse, for example, influences how much information you share about your past. Any relationship is built on trust, thus if you want to bond with your partner, it is better to reveal the past. This may enhance your relationship even more because being open and honest about these issues builds trust in your relationship. And an understanding partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Better sexual compatibility
Discussing preferences, likes, and dislikes, as well as previous relationships, can assist both partners in understanding each other better. Self-disclosure not only improves intimacy but also increases mutual knowledge, and sexual compatibility. When it comes to sexually transmitted illnesses, self-disclosure is especially important. For better sexual compatibility one can also use  natural stimulants or natural lube for sex. Sexual wellness products for women from trusted brands like Imbue also help in improved sex life.

Draw a line
While it’s important to be open about certain things from your past, it’s equally important to establish clear boundaries. Experts recommend not to discuss personal information from a previous relationship or draw any comparisons between past relationships and the current relationship. Do not bring up facts about previous partners out of anger or to inflict hurt. This will only hurt your relationship. 

When you decide to open up about your past, one of two things will happen:

Acceptance – If you tell your partner about your previous sex life and they listen to you without judgment, you've met a mate who is progressive and open-minded. It demonstrates that your future partner values you and is willing to accept you for who you are, irrespective of your past.

Hesitancy- Your spouse may begin to judge you on the basis of your past. In this case, consider trying to talk it out. You should be careful withholding information and disclosing complete details as it can be worse for your relationship.

Rather than comparing or evaluating one's current spouse, describing earlier experiences should lead to constructive learning that improves the relationship. This is feasible if done carefully and sensitively.

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