The Importance of Body Massage in Ayurveda

The Importance of Body Massage in Ayurveda

Whether you are feeling tired and stressed out or just want to relax, getting a massage can be just the trick you need. There are many types of massages that work to reach different goals. If it is your first time to enjoy a massage, which one should you choose?

Although there are many types to choose from, one great style to try is ayurvedic massage. This type of massage promotes intense relaxation and can be done as often as once a week to once a day. This article will focus on what ayurvedic massage is, its many benefits, and how it can help ladies reach their health goals.

What is an ayurvedic massage?

Ayurvedic massages are also known as oil massages because of the use of essential oils in the process. It stands out in a sea of many different massage styles because of its effects on the skin as well as the underlying muscles. You may think about it as a type of facial treatment for the body.

Ayurvedic massages do not only concentrate on manipulating the muscles and tissues of the body but also a person’s aura and energy field. Massage specialists concentrate on getting rid of the kinks in the muscles by getting rid of the emotional burdens a person carries. The main goal of this type of massage is overall wellness and relaxation. 

What to Expect At An Ayurvedic Massage Spa 

The main results that one may expect to have after an ayurvedic massage are released muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, and better-nourished skin. However, as mentioned before, the most important goal of this type of massage is to promote relaxation by eliminating negative energy. 

There are different types of oil blends that may be used in an ayurvedic massage. A client may also be offered a facial as a supplementary part of the service. The oils that will be used will be warmed to a comfortable temperature before being poured on the body.

Another great thing about ayurvedic massage is that the massage techniques will also be customized based on the client’s preference. The massage therapist will use gentle kneading techniques and massage the muscles in delicate circular motions to induce extreme relaxation in the client.

Bhringaraj oil and sesame oil are just two examples of the essential oils used to promote relaxation and good overall health. The combination of these two oils will leave you with a healthy head of hair as well as extremely radiant skin. Mahanarayan oil is another magical combination that can help a person repair damaged tendons and muscles. If you are experiencing muscle stiffness or pain, using mahanarayan oil will help.


Can you expect the massage session to get rid of knotted muscles? Probably not in a sense that you can imagine, as the massage techniques used in ayurvedic massage are much calmer than other techniques. However, the calm way that the massage therapist rubs the essential oils on a person’s skin will be enough to promote relaxation in both body and mind. This massage technique will leave anybody feeling lighter and more relaxed than when they first stepped into the massage clinic.

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