The truth about female sexual health, arousal & libido

The truth about female sexual health, arousal & libido

Let’s talk about female arousal and libido. We are sure that we must have ruffled some feathers by merely mentioning the phrase “female arousal and libido” Because let’s be honest, conversation around female sexual desire, health arousal and libido has almost been non-existent in the Indian context till very recently. In fact, why just female sexual desires and arousal, the entire concept of sex is still a huge taboo in Indian society. However, there is still some acceptance when it comes to men’s sexual desires. It is widely accepted that men have sexual desires and there’s nothing wrong if they choose to fulfil those desires. 


The Taboo around Women’s Sexuality

But when it comes to women’s sexual desires and arousal, all hell breaks loose. In fact, for the longest time it was believed that women don’t or worse, shouldn’t have any sexual desires. As a woman, if you enjoyed sex, it in fact is a matter of shame. Looking from that angle, sex was perceived as something that men “do to women” and not something that both men and women do together. As sad as it sounds, even to date this is the sex education that many women around the country receive “ Only have sex once you are married. On your wedding night, lay down, and let your husband do whatever he wants. It might hurt initially but it will go away with time”. In a nutshell, a woman’s sexuality was only limited to fulfilling a man’s needs or should we say her husband’s sexual needs. How twisted is that?

Having said that, it is important to acknowledge that times are changing. The conversation around women’s sexual desires and libido are becoming common, albeit slowly but surely. 

The mystery around women’s sexuality, arousal and libido

A woman’s body and her sexuality are no less than a mystery…a wonderland. Fight us all you want but we stand by our statement. Stereotypically we have perceived men as the ones who are looking to have sex and women as ones looking to avoid it. Now it’s disrespectful to both. Men are not desperate beings always looking for an opportunity to have sex and neither are women passive and prudes with no interest in sex.

This stereotype stems from traditional gender roles and patriarchy. However, many pieces of research have also proved that men’s libido is higher than women's. But with changing times, the definition of arousal desires, and libido has also changed. The newer research shows that it is difficult to box libido and arousal as simply less and more. It is difficult to quantify it given the nuances and details that go into it. Men’s libido or arousal is more direct and they look for a more straightforward way to fulfill it as well. In the way that a man might feel aroused looking at something and they would want to have sex and consequently have an orgasm to quench that arousal. It's a comparatively straightforward process.

However, things are a bit different for women. For us women to get in the “mood” it often requires the right setting and environment. That’s correct, our environment has a lot to do with our “mood” . We don't go gaga for scented candles and the perfect lighting just for the heck of it. We like to play or should we say…foreplay before getting down and dirty and the result of it…mind-blowing orgasms. Yes, dear gentlemen, You might find it easier to finish, but when we get our orgasms, it is so much more intense and usually lasts longer…and not to mention we can get multiple orgasms. Wink wink

Another great way to explain the difference between women’s sexual desire and men’s sexual desire is that men’s sexual desires are mostly spontaneous while women’s sexual desire is more responsive. Now, what does it mean? Spontaneous sexual desire is the sexual desire that we get out of the blue, not necessarily as a reaction to something. We might be having dinner and we may get a wave of sexual desire out of the blue. Men tend to experience more of that. But when it comes to women, it is mostly responsive. This means our desire needs to be sparked by something. It may be touch, glance, music or even alcohol. Now women are mostly expected to have spontaneous sexual desire and since we have less of that it is easier to label that women have less libido than men which is not entirely true. The difference lies in the quality and not necessarily in the quantity. 



How conditioning can affect a woman’s sexual arousal and libido

We just saw how our immediate environment can affect our arousal and libido, but what we often miss out on is how social conditioning and cultural context can affect us. As a woman, if you grow up around the stereotypical notion of sex where sex is looked down upon, female sexual desire is considered shameful and these thoughts are constantly drilled into your mind, it can bring about intimacy issues. Even after you grow up and realise how wrong your conditioning has been, you can still find it difficult to shed all those conditioning. You might develop a distaste towards sex and that can affect your libido and arousal in general. This is true for a lot of women not only in our country but across the world where women are exposed to such unreasonable standards and oppressive conditioning. 

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