Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Every woman loves to travel, right? Sure! And it’s all fun and games, and many photo ops for Instagram with #wanderlust in the caption. Until things start to go wrong. What could go wrong? Ask a jetlagged, tired woman with suntan, uncomfortable infections, and a severe case of indigestion and bloating. But a girl’s gotta travel, right! To keep travel woes at bay, make sure you’re armed with a well-stocked travel bag. Here’s a look at the travel essentials for every woman!

1. Tampons, Panty Liners, Menstrual Cups

If you are more of a let’s pack and get going than the let’s research and make reservation types, then it can get tricky to manage and have fun while your Aunt Flo makes her visit while you are out and about. Whatever is your travelling type, never forget to pack your tampons and panty liners. And, if you have long meetings to attend, or walk/climb up the hills, then menstrual cups are the best!

2. Skin Care Products

New climate, different harshness of the sun, unusual food: don’t let your skin will suffer due to your wanderlust. Make sure to carry skin care products. Choose a sunscreen lotion/gel that suits your skin type. Add a sunblock powder if you’re going to a humid place or have oily skin. Take a tea tree oil toner to put beneath the sunblock. Don't miss your moisturiser and waterless facewash.

3. Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam

The first ever foam-based intimate hygiene product for women in IndiaImbue Intimate Hygiene Foam is godsend for adventurous women. If you’re on a road trip or it’s too cold to let water come near you, like on a camping trip, this product will be your best mate! All you have to do is dab it on a tissue and wipe yourself, and you can say goodbye to infections!

4. Medicine

If you thought going on a holiday means taking a break from medicines, you’re wrong. As your body will exhaust itself adjusting to the new place, you must give it all it needs to stay strong. Your thyroid medicines, OCP to keep your periods regulated, probiotics and antimotility meds… Get the right meds, or you’ll end up feeling bloated and cranky. Go see your doc and get the list!

5.Dry Fruits

You never know when you might end up getting delayed along the journey. That shouldn’t leave your starving on the unknown streets of a foreign land! Carry a simple solution in your bag - a box or pack of trail mix. Cashews, peanuts, raisins, dates - add what you want to the mix. Munch on these along the road to keep hunger pangs at bay, and give you the energy to enjoy!

6. Inner Garments

Carry multiple sets of fresh innerwear, and slip into a new one as often as you can, even during the difficult camping trips or trekking adventures. It’s basic hygiene; there’s no alternative. Trust us when we say that new innerwear can change your mood and make your day. Choose the right inner garments to feel comfortable and confident. Invest some time and money!

Solar Charger

If you’re not going on a digital detox, and want to stay connected with your actual life, it’s a good idea to invest in a good solar charger for the phone. You may not get access to a proper plug point everywhere, and the solar charger, which feeds on the sun’s heat and conserves energy within it, will come to the rescue. Worry no more about checking those crucial emails and notifications on the go.

So, now you know what all you must carry in your bag. There are clothes, warmers and shoes and all, of course, but don’t forget to carry these travel essentials. Because let’s be honest here - travelling is not as easy as it seems on Instagram, especially for women.


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