Types Of Condoms

Types Of Condoms

One of the most important contraceptive tools during an act of intimacy is a condom. Whether you’re in a committed relationship with a single partner or enjoy intimacy with multiple partners, condoms are important to keep away Sexually Transmitted Infections and pregnancy. They may also add some spice to the game! In recent years there has been quite some innovations in the condoms market offering us a wide variety of choices and most of us are not really aware of the bouquet on offer.

Types of Condoms:

There are different types of condoms available, based on the material and purpose.

Latex Condom:

This is the most common type of condom, widely available and the least expensive. They are also highly efficient, and available in different colours, flavours, textures, etc. Remember not to use them with oils to avoid breaking or slipping.

Non- Latex Condom:

If you or your partner is allergic to latex, then the non-latex condoms, made of natural rubber called polyisoprene, can be a lifesaver. It offers you comfort, safety, and pleasure.

Silicone Condom:

These are washable condoms, usually designed with extra bumps on the surface, to give you extra pleasure and an enhanced experience. They are reusable for up to a year. But remember that these are novelty items, and their ability to prevent STD or pregnancy depends on the product quality. So be careful before buying it.

Long Lasting Condom:

These types of condoms have benzocaine or other similar numbing solution to desensitise the tip or head of the penis. This can make your partner last longer before he reaches orgasm.

Extra Lube Condom:

This type of condom has twice the amount of lubricant than regular condoms. This can be really helpful for you if you have low oestrogen and have a dry vagina. The lubrication can prevent friction and pain.

Warm Condom:

Sex is best when it’s steamy. Adding some heat to it, literally, can be possible with this kind of condom which contains a warming agent as lubrication.

Textured Condom:

These condoms have little raised ridges and dots all around the surface. This is purely for the pleasure of the woman, with extra friction causing more stimulation.

Stimulant Condom:

These condoms are designed not only with a textured surface but also has extra stimulant gel to give you an exciting sensation.

Flavoured Condoms:

A pretty common condom available in the market, this is perfect for oral sex. You can pick from a wide range of flavours to make things fun. But more importantly, the flavoured condoms are a good way to prevent STIs, because unlike what most people think, they can also be caused by oral sex.


It’s a novelty item that offers the same protection as regular condoms. It has three layers, with the middle layer lined with a phosphorous pigment, while the inner and outer layers are made of latex. It glows in dark to add a fun element, and since it’s thick, it also delays your man’s orgasm, giving you more time to enjoy all the action.

Spermicidal Condom

These condoms have a lubricant lining which helps to kill sperm. However, don’t expect it to work like contraceptive pills, because the amount of the spermicidal material in such condoms is low. In addition, many men have been found to be allergic to this spermicide. It’s also not easily available in India and can be expensive when you buy it online.

Thin Condom:

One of the reasons men often want to avoid condoms is their complaint about being deprived of the feeling of direct touch. The ultra-thin condoms are designed for a heightened pleasure for both you and your partner, as you enjoy a better skin-on-skin sensation.

There are many other common condoms, like the coloured condoms, and the not-so-common ones like lambskin condoms or even female condoms. So, take your pick and keep aside all worries about unwanted pregnancy or uncomfortable STIs. Just relax and enjoy the moment of intimacy with your partner.

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