Low Sex Drive in Women

Low Sex Drive in Women

It is no secret that it is only recently that the conversation around women’s sexual pleasure has picked up the pace. For a long time, the common perception was ruled by the notion that women exist only to please men. Their inherent sexual drive or libido was something that was rarely talked about. However, times have changed, albeit slowly but the discussion around female sexual pleasure and libido is gaining momentum. A woman’s body is a mysterious wonderland in itself. While it is important to understand what arouses a woman, what pleasures a woman, it is also important to understand what doesn’t work for women.

Reignite passion in the bedroom

One of the issues that women may face when it comes to the sexual domain is low sex drive. Now, while there’s nothing called a normal level of “libido” or sexual drive, a sudden or acute lack of interest in sexual activity may need medical attention. However, if you have not reached that stage where you go for medical help and instead just want to try and reignite that passion and fire in your bedroom, then stimulants and lubricants are something that you can consider. Stimulants are designed to ignite a sense of arousal and wetness which can pave the way for beautiful yet passionate sex. The Imbue Firefly stimulant can be an excellent choice. Just message the stimulant lightly around your clitoris and let the magic happen.

Intercourse Lubricants on the other hand are designed to make the entire process of sexual intercourse much smoother and pleasurable. These personal lubricants for dryness can help you a lot if you struggle to get wet during intercourse. Take Firefly lubricant for example. Blessed with all-natural ingredients, it can do wonders both for self-pleasure as well as while having sex with a partner. The Firefly lubricant has been designed while prioritizing your sexual health. It is free of any artificial or synthetic ingredients which will ensure pleasurable and safe sex. 

Causes for lower libido

A Woman's sex drive may naturally change over her course of life. These crescendos and decrescendos often align with certain major events in a woman’s life like pregnancy, menopause and so on. However, a sustained low sexual libido may be attributed to certain issues like:

  • Sexual issues: Certain medical issues may make it difficult for some women to climax or get aroused, making sex a lot less appealing to them. 
  • Medical issues: Not only sexual issues, certain medical issues can also contribute to lower sex drive among women like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and so on
  • Medication: Certain medications, especially antidepressants are known to lower sex drive both among men and women
  • Lifestyle issues: A beer after a long day or a cigarette to blow some steam might sound a good idea, till they start affecting your sex drive. That’s right, many of our daily actions which have become an inherent part of our lifestyle actually can affect our sex drive to a great extent. Too much drinking, smoking, and yes drugs are enemies of a passionate and healthy sex life
  • Surgery: A major surgery especially in the genital region can also affect a woman’s sex drive
  • Fatigue and stress: This is a no-brainer but. Fortress and fatigue have become an inherent part of our daily lives and apart from affecting our physical and mental health they affect our sexual health too

Apart from these physical reasons, a lot of psychological reasons may also contribute towards a lower sex drive among women. Trauma can be one such major factor. If a woman has been sexually abused in the past, she would develop a very unhealthy relationship with sex, which may lead her to detest sex altogether. Similarly having trust issues or unresolved relationship problems can also contribute to having a complex relationship with sex which can again lead to a lower sex drive  

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD)

A sustained low libido is a medical condition known as Hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD. Most women often tend to ignore this sustained low sex drive to them aging or not being in the mood. However, ignoring this condition can disrupt your sex life and thereby affect the quality of your life in totality. 

Symptoms of HSDD

If you notice any or a combination of the below symptoms persisting over a long time, then it may be time to seek medical help 

  • Negligible interest  in any form of sexual activity
  • Not having any sexual thoughts or fantasies 
  • No interest in initiating sex
  • Not finding sex pleasurable 

The causes of HSDD are usually the causes that we have discussed above which may range from physical conditions like medication or lifestyle issues, or psychological reasons which may have led to an unhealthy relationship with sex

Treating HSDD

HSDD is not your common cough or cold which can be treated with a tablet or syrup. Treating HSDD involves understanding the underlying cause of this disorder and treating that cause. At a larger level, it is important to cultivate a healthy relationship of girls with sex and this majorly involves having open conversations about sex. Creating a safe space for girls and women to discuss sex without being looked down upon

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