Prevent STIs; What Can I Do to Avoid | Prevent STIs as a Sexually Active Woman?

Prevent STIs; What Can I Do to Avoid | Prevent STIs as a Sexually Active Woman?

Table of Content

          1. Practice Safe Sex
          2. Have Honest Conversations
          3. Get Tested Regularly
          4. Maintain Good Intimate and Sexual Hygiene
          5. Get Vaccinated


So you are out on a date and this dude seems really attractive. You guys have hit it off nicely and are vibing like you have known each other for decades. Gradually things start getting a little steamy and you guys are all ready to rip each other's clothes off. And that is exactly when he hits you with a “Hey, can we do this without a condom, you know I want to experience you completely” And you also think, what the heck, I am on birth control anyway so why not just go with it.

Now, we would like to stop you right there. While this surely is a picture radiating fun and spontaneity, there’s a good chance that this might not always end up well. Well, what could possibly go wrong, you might want to ask, The answer is a lot of stuff, the primary of it being catching STIs. As sexually active women, most of us are obsessed with preventing unwanted pregnancy. Now, while that is something we surely should be mindful of, we should be equally wary of STIs too.

What is Sexually Transmitted Infection or STI?

Well, as the name itself suggests STIs are those infections that are transmitted through sexual contact. Now, let us blow your mind. Sexual contact doesn't just mean penetrative sex. It can be transmitted through oral sex, anal sex, kissing and even…wait for it…skin to skin touch. That’s right ladies and…well ladies.

Since they are easily transmitted, STIs are wat more common than we would like to believe. Some STIs can be creepy as hell. They will not show symptoms for months and then one fine day they might just decide to torment you. Others choose to put you through pain from the very beginning.

STIs vary in their intensity as well. While some STIs are much less severe and can be easily treated, others can be quite dangerous.

So is there any way to prevent STIs? Yeah, have a look...

Ways to Prevent STIs

Of course! Avoid having sex. That is the only full proof to avoid getting STIs. Now since that is a pretty impractical solution, we are gonna share some ways through which you can avoid STIs as a sexually active woman.

Prevent STIs 1st Method Practice Safe Sex

Get it engraved in the stone if you will, but this is the most important and most effective way of preventing STIs…well apart from not having sex of course. While birth control pills prevent you from getting pregnant, they provide no protection against STIs. So always make condoms and dental dams your weapon of choice when indulging in sex especially with different sexual partners.

Avoid STIs - 2nd Point Have Honest Conversations

We can already hear you saying, “but no one is going to come ahead and confess that they have STIs right?” Well, many actually will. Many men and women out there are willing to have honest conversations about their sexual illness.

Now, while you cannot always expect that kind of transparency from a one night stand, if you are getting into a long term relationship, this is a conversation you definitely need to be having.

Avoid STIs - 3rd Point Get Tested Regularly

This is an absolute must if you are having sex with multiple partners. Even if you are practicing safe sex with everyone, STIs transmit much more easily than we would like to believe. So getting tested at regular intervals is the only way to know if you are healthy. Even for those who are in a long term monogamous relationship, it is advisable to get tested once in a while, even if it is for the peace of your mind.

Prevent STIs - 4th Point Maintain Good Intimate and Sexual Hygiene

Washing and taking care of your intimates especially before and after sex and in general, as well can go a long way in keeping STIs at bay. Our Daalia Intimate Hygiene Wash, boosted with Panchvalkal, keeps infections, itchiness, irritation, dryness and foul odor at bay. And this is definitely something that is a must-have in every woman’s arsenal. Apart from that washing hands before getting down and dirty, cleaning sheets, not sharing each other's intimate clothes and towels are a few basic etiquettes than can go a long way in preventing STIs.

STIs - 5th point Get Vaccinated

We are not talking about Covid Vaccination here, but yeah you should get vaccinated for that too. But here we are talking about getting vaccinated against certain infections: human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis A, and hepatitis B (HBV). Sure, there will be a few needles but they are gonna save you a lot of woes in the future.

While you can’t be 100% sure against STIs, we sure wanna make sure that you get to have the maximum possible fun with the minimum possible risk. 

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