Why am I Spotting more Grey Hair?

Why am I Spotting more Grey Hair?

Table of Content

          1. Stress 
          2. Ethnicity
          3. Race
          4. Ageing
          5. Genetics


Ageing: it’s a natural process that happens to every living being, but we humans run at the first sign of it. Something as mundane as grey hair can cause many people to scream bloody murder!

There is nothing wrong with greying hair, on the contrary, silver hair is so in fashion that many people are rushing to the salons to achieve the edgy look.

With that said, in recent times more and more people find themselves greying really early, and while it is a natural process, it may be a cause for concern if the process starts in the early 20s.

In this blog, we discuss some causes for premature greying of hair and white hair treatments.

Grey Hair Causes: What Causes Grey Hair?

Contrary to popular belief, stress is not the main cause for your hair to turn grey.

The colour of your hair is because of the presence of melanin in your cells. When the hair follicle grows a strand of hair, it remains the same colour unless it’s treated, bleached or coloured. When the hair follicle is destroyed and the hair falls out, it regenerates and gives rise to a new strand of hair.

As this cycle continues numerous times, the hair follicle can start losing melanin and the strand of hair that grows from it can start appearing grey or white.

The linkage between stress and greying hair comes from the fact that excessive pressure or stress can cause the hair follicle to go through the regeneration process faster, which means that it loses melanin quicker than usual, causing early grey hair. 

Apart from stress and ageing, race, ethnicity and genetics also play a huge role in determining when your hair starts greying. 

How can you Prevent Grey Hair? 

Premature grey hair can be prevented by keeping our stress and anxiety in check. With the stress levels skyrocketing in the current times, it is almost impossible to live a stress-free life. But, it is all the more reason to take care of your mental health to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

For a healthy body, a healthy diet is a must. Proper nutrition can delay the destruction of hair follicles, and even reduce other stress-related issues like hair fall and greying. Since our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, a diet with adequate proteins and omega 3 fats will ensure that your hair stays fabulous for a long time.

For non-vegetarians, bone broth, seafood and dairy can keep your hair in its natural glory. For vegetarians, foods like nuts, seeds, carrots, vegetables rich in iron such as spinach and dairy products will do the trick. 

What are Some Home Remedies for Premature Grey Hair?

Here are a few remedies that you can try at home to curb the early greying of hair:

  • Apply pure coconut oil or herbal infused oil before washing your hair.
  • Use sulphate and chemical-free shampoos.
  • Apply onion extract to your hair.
  • Use hair packs with egg whites and amla powder in them.

At the end of the day, grey or not, rock your hair like the boss that you are, don’t let a colour dull your shine!

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