Recognizing Silent UTIs: What to Know

Recognizing Silent UTIs: What to Know

If you’ve been feeling more exhausted than usual and the fatigue can’t be attributed to a lack of rest, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor for a check-up. Sometimes, the fatigue that you experience can indicate a silent urinary tract infection (UTI).

While UTIs typically exhibit symptoms of discomfort and pain, silent UTIs are a lot harder to diagnose, especially in women. When you look past the symptoms and fail to treat your condition, it could lead to worse health issues.

Keep reading below to find out more about regular and silent UTIs to give you the appropriate knowledge you need to prevent your situation from becoming too much to handle. Treating UTI while it’s still at its early stages is necessary to restore your body’s vitality and keep you healthy.

UTI Vs. Silent UTI

A urinary tract infection is inflammation in any region of your urinary system, your bladder, kidneys, ureters, or urethra and is caused by bacteria. In plenty of cases, your bladder and urethra undergo the most infection.

You know you’re having a UTI when you feel a burning sensation during urination, always have the urge to urinate, and experience discomfort or pain in the bladder region. However, older adults don’t always experience UTI symptoms, which could mean a silent UTI.

Silent UTIs aren’t uncommon, especially for the elderly. Painful UTI symptoms are obvious due to your body’s immune system trying to combat the infection. Older individuals, however, have weaker immune systems that might not be fighting the bacteria as fiercely. This means that the foreign bodies could be doing damage and you could be feeling nothing at all.

Symptoms of UTI

Every time you urinate, and you get a sharp and burning sensation, it is often due to the acid from your urine that irritates the lining of your bladder and urethra. Since there are already bacteria present in your lower urinary tract, the acidic urine is why you feel the burn.

You will also tend to feel itchiness, the constant need to urinate, and back pain. Unfortunately, even if you don’t have any of these symptoms, you can still get a UTI, and your seemingly healthy vagina will be at risk if you don’t detect the urinary tract infection immediately.

Signs You Have a Silent UTI

If you don’t experience any of the symptoms of a regular UTI, a silent UTI should be ruled out as well. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to rule out a silent UTI because it has other signs, such as extreme exhaustion, that are often attributed to stress and other lifestyle factors.

Other signs that will tell you that the fatigue you’re feeling could be a silent UTI include shakiness, forgetfulness, coming down with a fever, and feeling nauseous. Having back pain, getting aches in your muscles, and going through unexplainable pressure or pain in your abdomen can indicate a silent UTI.

The Secret to Preventing Silent UTI

One essential way to avoid getting silent UTI and all the symptoms associated with it is to consume vitamin C daily, preferably 1,000 mg to be exact. The vitamin works as a barrier against bacteria and keeps it from building up in your body and impacting your immune system.

Instead of accumulating harmful acid, vitamin C works to lead healthy acid into your bladder to keep bad acid from taking over. Besides preventing UTI, vitamin C can also keep stress at bay and leave you feeling energized, happier, and more awake.


It’s important to understand that every time you feel discomfort or pain in your body, you have to address it as soon as possible and seek a healthcare professional’s help for advice. If you think you have UTI or a silent UTI based on the symptoms you’ve read above, you should learn to maintain your good health and hygiene to prevent it from becoming worse. You should drink vitamin C and use an intimate vagina soap daily to relieve you from pain and discomfort and follow up with your doctor regarding other necessary treatments. 

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