Things a Sexually Active Woman Should Keep Handy

Things a Sexually Active Woman Should Keep Handy

A sexually active woman, a phrase that can cause such a hue and cry in our society. For the longest time, a woman’s sexuality was seen as an instrument to simply satisfy her husband. She was supposed to have no say about her sexual interest and desires, hell she was not even supposed to have any sexual desires of her own. And a woman who was sexually active before marriage?  She was meted out the worst judgment and criticism by our society and subjected to utmost humiliation. 

While this sadly is true for many parts of India even today, especially in the rural and orthodox belts, but in many urban centers, things are changing. A woman’s sexuality, her sexual desires are now being recognized. The fact women want need and enjoy sex is finally being accepted by our society, slowly by surely. A woman who is sexually active before marriage is not subjected to a similar kind of humiliation as before. So here’s to every woman who are embrace their sexuality, sexual desires unabashedly and without any shame.

However, being sexually active also involves taking care of your sexual health, making sure that you indulge in nothing but safe sex. That is why we have curated a list of a few of the things that every sexually active woman should keep handy

1. Condoms: The first step to having sex is condoms. Imagine, you went on a date, everything went great and the guy invited you back to his apartment. Things start to get heated up and just as you both are about to get down and dirty, he says, “Hey, will it be okay if we don’t use condoms? It kind of kills the fun”. What a bummer right?  Well, as disappointing as this scenario may sound, it is actually quite common. Intercourse condoms usually have a bad reputation for taking away the “fun” from sex and hence many prefer not to use it. However, this can be quite risky for more than one reason. STIs, unwanted pregnancy. The two things that you absolutely don’t want to happen. So never forget the condom ladies. 

2. Lubricants: We all have heard of it. We all have wanted to try it at one point or the other. But a lot of us are still confused about what a lubricant is actually. Well, generally speaking, lubricant is something that is introduced between two surfaces to reduce the friction or heat between them. When a woman is aroused, her vagina starts to lubricate itself, or as we commonly call it starts to get “wet”. This is in the preparedness for the intercourse that might happen. Now, this natural lubrication makes sex much more pleasurable and enjoyable for both parties since it reduces any kind of friction. Now there is a popular misconception that lubricant is only for vagina owners who find it difficult to get wet naturally during sex. Now the truth couldn’t be further from that. Sure, many vagina owners struggle to get wet naturally during sex and for them,  lubricants do wonders. But that doesn’t translate into the fact that it can’t be used elsewhere. Lubricants are a great way to spice up sex with a partner or even for times of self-pleasure. Another time when personal lubricant should absolutely be a must is during anal sex. Anal sex can be very fun and pleasurable only if it is done in the right way. Unlike the vagina, our anus is not self-lubricating. Hence it definitely needs some external source of lubrication for it to happen smoothly and frictionlessly. So don’t forget to use generous amounts of lubricant before venturing into the world of anal sex.  Now if you are looking to try a lubricant, check out Our All Natural lubricant which has been crafted with the best ingredients keeping your safety and pleasure in mind

3. Stimulant: Whether you want to play solo or indulge in some fun with your partner, setting the right mood is an absolute necessity. So light up some fireworks with our all-natural stimulant for women. This natural elixir has been crafted, just to set that right mood in the bedroom. Simply massage it gently on your clitoris and in the surrounding area and let the magic begin.

4. Breast Massage Cream: Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our breasts. While they can be a source of lots of pleasure and fun, they can be quite a pain sometimes. The soreness, the backaches…the list simply goes on. Well, our Daalia Breast massage cream is the answer to all your issues.  This lightweight cream has hemp seed oil which helps in easing pain and boosting collagen production thus showing anti-aging properties. The unique formula also keeps your breasts from sagging and guess what, it is great for foreplay too. 

5. Emergency Contraceptive Pills: We all wish that there never comes an occasion where you would actually have to use it,  but probably safe than sorry. If during sex you feel there could have been any point in time where your partner may have ejaculated in you, whether mistakenly or due to reasons like the condom breaking or you decided to go for unprotected sex without being on any other form of contraceptives, it is a wise decision to take emergency contraceptive pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, as the name suggests it should be used for emergencies only and should not become your go-to contraceptive.

So, there you go ladies, your must-haves for safe and fun sex. Thank us later.

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