Key to Loving and Receiving Love: Love Language

Key to Loving and Receiving Love: Love Language

Oft times, we tend to feel that our partner is not putting in effort or showing their appreciation, but the fact is that everyone has their way of showing their love, and sometimes when our love language is different from that of our partner, we do not realize all the ways they show us their love and affection. In this blog, we talk about some of the ways people tend to show their love through the various love languages, and also show you how you can partake in your partners’ love language! 

Gift giving 

For some of us, nothing says “I love you” like receiving gifts. Whether it's a simple bouquet of flowers or an expensive piece of jewellery, it's not the object itself but the thought that counts! Don’t get us wrong, of course, the nature of the gift matters, but sometimes, even a new hamper for shower gel can make your partner happy if their love language involves receiving gifts! For a practical way to show appreciation through gifts, try gifting your partner a combo or kit from Imbue Natural’s intimate and personal care range! 

Words of affirmation 

We all like listening to compliments and praises about ourselves. But it always means that much more when it comes from the person we love. There is no specific reason why words of affirmation invoke positive feelings in us, but the verbal reminder of what our partner thinks of us is definitely a source of support. Words of affirmation do not mean mindless compliments, but to express yourself clearly and honestly when you have positive feelings towards your partner. If being verbal makes you shy, or uncomfortable, you can always adapt to texting these words of affirmation or leaving little notes/ post-its around the house for your partner to find! 

Physical touch

A love language involving physical touch can be both platonic touch and sexual touch. Your partner’s love language might be physical touch if they are often the one who initiates physical contact, or if you find them constantly seeming to reach out to you. It may be simple acts, like brushing their fingers through your hair, playing with your fingers or even simply caressing your skin. If you want to reciprocate to your partner in their love language, consider giving them a massage! The Niraama Body oil is made up of natural ingredients like chamomile extracts and camphor which help in relaxation and cooling down the body. 

Acts of service

Sometimes, doing something for your partner is the perfect thoughtful gesture to show them you care! Acts of service may get a bad reputation as some may find it demeaning, but ‘service’ isn't about being someone’s servant. It’s about sharing the workload and showing them your appreciation by lessening the load. It may even be a way for you to take care of them by paying attention to the things they neglect about themselves, like their own health and wellness. Try building a routine for them, for example introducing a health supplement into their routine, like the Imbue Rosa Period Potion which is designed to improve uterine wellness and overall health in women. Make them a warm cup of tea and a spoonful of the Rosa potion to go with it every day, et voila! You have a very sweet and thoughtful routine to fall into every day!

Quality time

Quality time is one of the tricky love languages to conquer. But it's one of the strongest love languages, and it really enforces the feeling of togetherness in one’s relationship. Sometimes, if one is stuck in a long-distance relationship, or has long work hours, spending time together can be a problem. But quality time doesn’t always have to be physical! You can plan movie nights, video calls during the commute to and from work etc! 

Now that we’ve covered the different love languages, we have to discuss the possibility of you and your partner having completely different love languages, which happens more often than you think! But fear not, because there are many activities that exist in the overlap between two love languages! For example, if your partner prefers physical touch and your love language is Acts of service, give them a massage! Similarly, quality time and words of affirmation can take shape in the form of a fun game night that’s personalized to you. Affirmation charades, anyone? Let us know, you and your partner’s love languages in the comments below!

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