Amazing Facts About The Female Body

Amazing Facts About The Female Body

We all know that a woman’s body is absolutely fantastic. It is complicated and unique and performs tasks that you can’t even imagine. The female body is full of surprises! Sadly, most women do not know their own body accurately. Here are some surprising facts about a woman’s body which can leave them surprised.

Amazing Facts About The Female Body

Yes, the female body is capable of incredible things that are hard to imagine. Often, we end up getting confused about the bodily functions and end up treating the body in a harmful manner, without meaning to. Besides, it’s fun to know about the magic called biology, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at some of the amazing facts about a woman’s body!

Stronger Immune System

You might have already guessed this one, but let us tell you officially that women have a stronger immune system than men. This not only helps women to fight off infections better but also to outlive men – all thanks to the female hormone oestrogen that curbs any enzyme from blocking the activities of the defense system in the female body. They might have developed this because of their role as birth-givers and caregivers.

Uterus Growth and Strength

The uterus is small, with a length of about 7-9 cm, a width of 4.5-6 cm, and a depth of 2-3.5 cm. This means that it is roughly the size of an orange. However, it is a feisty little organ that grows to the size of watermelon during pregnancy, and then again shrinks back to its original size because of the happy hormones, i.e. endorphins. The uterus is also capable of applying a force of about 1938 N.

The Ever-Growing, Sensitive Clitoris

While the rest of the body stops growing after a certain age, the clitoris keeps growing. When a woman reaches menopause, the size of the clitoris increases to about seven times than the size at the time of birth. What’s more, you may not be aware that the clitoris, which can spread to a length of about 9 cm on the inside, is the only organ in the body of a woman dedicated solely to her pleasure, with the highest sensitivity.

Self-Cleaning Vagina

The vaginal tube, which is inside the body, is equipped to keep itself clean. The vaginal discharge that you sometimes notice is nothing but the cleansing fluid which makes the channel capable of staying clean on its own, without needing external products like soaps and home remedies. The acidic pH level inside the vagina supports a microbiome with just the right proportion of good bacteria that keep you clean and healthy.

Now that you know about your body a little more, learn to enjoy the beauty of the amazing gift of Nature. It’s a complex system that can endure, grow, bear a child, survive bleeding for five days in a month, and give you immense pleasure. The body of a woman is truly a wonderland that every woman must be should be proud of!

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