How to Know if Your Menstruation Flow is Too Heavy

How to Know if Your Menstruation Flow is Too Heavy

When girls first get their periods, they have no baseline knowledge of how much bleeding is too much. Usually, the amount of blood discharge is well within the average for the age group, but there are times when it is excessive. Parents should know what to watch for so they can inform the doctor of irregularities. Here are things parents and girls should know about heavy periods.

Periods Can Be Irregular, Especially At The Start

In the first year or two after the periods begin, it is normal for them to be irregular. Since the body's hormonal patterns are still settling, the girl can experience days with a rather heavy flow. It is not always easy to distinguish "normal" from "heavy" period flow since girls have different preferences in changing their pad or tampon. Some girls change every time they go to the bathroom, while others maximise the product.

Some heavy periods can come with debilitating cramps, which can cause a young girl distress. One way to deal with this is by practising yoni mudra, a yoga posture for fertility and female health.

You Cannot Ignore Certain Symptoms

If the girl looks pale, feels weak, or is nauseous during her period, you should call your doctor as soon as possible. Clots bigger than an inch wide, bleeding through the clothes, or needing to change her pad or tampon at night are also signs that her flow is too heavy. If her period interferes with her ability to engage in daily activities, you must consult with a doctor. Girls who had just started menstruating might have heavy periods for a while until their body adjusts to the hormones. However, there are other gynaecological issues with these symptoms, and the doctor must rule them out first.

The Doctor Will Have To Do Tests

Your child will have to recount their medical history and complete a physical examination at their doctor's appointment. Then, the doctor will order screening blood tests like a complete blood count and a coagulation panel. Besides tests like these, the doctor might also check for other problems like low platelets, Von Willebrand disease, or other conditions that cause excessive bleeding.

Conditions like these do not usually become apparent until menarche or the first menstruation of a girl. Medical history plays a part in creating a complete picture of the child's condition. If they or other family members have a history of easy bruising, heavy periods, or other kinds of bleeding, it might be a genetic condition. 

Besides these, the doctors will also do a pregnancy test. It seems strange to order this kind of test for young girls or teenagers, but pregnancy does cause heavy bleeding. Medical training necessitates eliminating all possible factors, including ones that might seem improbable.

At-Home Care Involves Dietary Changes

Treating heavy periods depends on the cause. The at-home care you'll need to do also depends on whether or not your daughter's heavy bleeding is enough to cause anaemia. Often, your child only needs to include more iron in her diet, something you can address with multivitamins.

As with most medical conditions, getting enough good-quality sleep and proper hydration will undoubtedly help. Using feminine intimate care products will help keep the area clean and prevent bacterial infections or other complications.


Heavy bleeding in menstruating girls can be because of a wide range of conditions. Before diagnosing your daughter, a doctor must learn her medical history and conduct some examinations. Treatments for heavy bleeding vary, but a common remedy for anaemia is introducing more iron and multivitamins in the girl's diet.

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