Myths about Periods

Myths about Periods

Indian society has finally come of age and started talking about menstruation. It has opened up its mind and realized that women can lead a normal life during their periods. Yet, it’s not easy killing myths that have lived on for thousands of years.

So, let’s have some common myths about periods busted!

Menstruation is impurity

Many would like to think this idea doesn’t exist now. But sadly, many girls in our country are still taught from an early age that menstruation makes them impure. One should keep in mind that menstrual blood is neither toxic nor a rejected body fluid. It is just a vaginal secretion. So, go ahead: eat the pickles and enter the temples.

Menstruation is shameful

Society celebrates motherhood but shames the bleeding that is a natural part of the process. But, there is nothing shameful about menstruating, and there’s no need to keep it private. So, don’t be embarrassed to buy your pack of pads or tampons, and don’t bother asking for the black wrapper.

Menstruation means rest

Just to get things straight – a menstruating woman is not “ill”. Nor is she weak. So, if you want to exercise or go for a swim, do it! It can help control PMS symptoms. If you’re prone to cramps, then you need to be careful. Otherwise, just enjoy your jog to the store to buy your tampons.

Menstruation means no sex

Vaginal discharge is common during sex. And, menstrual fluid is just a version of it. So, sex during periods is not “dirty”. Just put a towel to prevent permanent bloodstains. It’s also proven that sex during periods is not unhealthy. In fact, it can help relieve the cramps!

Menstruation is no pregnancy period

Don’t forget that it is not impossible to get pregnant, even during periods. Many seem to believe that menstruation is a natural birth control method. But, if you bleed for a long time, or irregularly, then your fertility window can overlap with periods, making pregnancy a possibility.

Tampons can break hymen

The hymen is a stretchy membrane that doesn’t cover the vaginal opening. If it did, it would block all vaginal discharges. So, a small and thin tampon can easily be inserted into the vagina, without breaking the hymen, which, by the way, is also not the gatekeeper of virginity.

Duration and Cycle of periods should be fixed

Every woman’s body is different. So, their cycles arrive after different time gaps. It can be anything between 28 and 33 days or even vary more sometimes. The duration of each cycle can be anything between 3 and 7 days. It can vary for a single person every month. So, there’s no need to be scared.

Menstrual cramp and PMS are psychological

PMS is as real as the hormones in your body which lose balance during periods, causing irritability, depression, fatigue, or headache. Cramps can be because of PCOS and blood-clotting. In fact, doctors say that menstrual cramps can be as painful as a heart attack!

There are many such myths about periods that exist either because of superstitions or because of misinformation. Their results can be harmful. In a Uttarakhand village, girls on periods are not allowed to go to school because they have to cross a temple on the way. Imagine how that harms their education. In addition, these myths create inhibitions even in the minds of women living in the so-called modern society. Without questioning such regressive traditions, they contribute to perpetuating such ideas. So, know your body a little more so that you yourself can take charge of your body and mind, and can take a step ahead in debunking such myths.

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