What Happens After The ‘Big Pause’?

What Happens After The ‘Big Pause’?

Women are no strangers to hormonal changes. Right from puberty to menopause, it’s all a high-speed, twisted rollercoaster. However, the greatest makeover in the lifetime of a woman is the one after the big pause – menopause.  How most women familiarize themselves with menopause is through friends or information over the internet. What women really need is a natural approach to menopause and how to live after it. While we know and read a lot about menopause, very few tell women about the life to expect after menopause and how to look after yourself post-menopause.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas of health that you might need to focus on once you’re through the menopause phase.

Weight Gain and Control – Unfortunately, the grappling fall of estrogen in your body during menopause leaves an after havoc too. Many women tend to gain weight after menopause and it’s only natural because the estrogen has dropped to an all-time low. Exercise is the only solution to a fitter body. Maintain a healthy weight as per BMI. Count your calories, and don’t ‘cheat’, but ‘reward yourself’ once in a while. 

Regular Exercise – Exercise during and after menopause keeps all levels in check. It reduces the risk of cancer and helps build muscle mass which is lost during menopause. In general, any physical activity will help, but if you can start with aerobics or strength training, it’s a win-win. Light walking after meals is also recommended. Stretching and yoga take you a long way.  

Proper Nutrition – A woman requires 1,000 mg of calcium on daily basis before menopause. Post menopause, you will need 1,200 mg of calcium. Magnesium is vital for heart health. Ensure your diet is varied and full of essential vitamins and minerals. Check with your doctor and start with supplements if needed. 

Watching Your Blood Pressure – Again, low BP is the cause of drop in estrogen, and for some women the dizziness is often due to blood pressure. Very often you don’t know that you have high/low BP because it’s a silent killer. Keep a check, but don’t be obsessive. 

Looking After Your Bones – Weakening of the bones is a common complaint most women come up with post menopause. So the more you exercise, the fitter your bones stay. 

Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle – Avoid drinking and quit smoking. A healthy body is a well-built temple of worship. It needs years of dedicated combination of diet & exercise to function at its optimum best. Early to rise and early to bed is the best mantra at any age!

Keep Your Brain Active – Menopause often dries up your skin, impairs hair growth and weakens your nails. More than that, it can also take over your brain. Menopause is a slow killer for the memory. So keep active Get a guitar, start playing a game, gardening or cooking…whatever you like! 

Don’t underestimate what post menopause can do to you, but at the same time also ensure to sidestep the stereotypes and look at this transformation through a positive prism. Post menopause is just as normal, if you choose to make it so. 

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